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How Virtual Engagement Platforms Do What Webinars Can't


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As planned events are forced to cancel or postpone due to identified health risks, event planners in every pocket of the world are scratching their heads for the best next steps to take to keep their attendees engaged. In the United States alone, the list of postponed and cancelled events continues to grow at alarming rates with major contenders like Coachella shutting down to help reduce health risks to their 250,000 festival goers. It’s not a surprise that many other large events are following suit. So, what does this mean to the event industry?


While event planners scramble to find new alternatives to live events, the more traditional options like webinars are leaving a lot to be desired for event attendees. 

Event Planners - Taking Notes for Presentation


But what do they lack? Attendees at live events expect an experience built just for them, complete with networking, gamification, branded materials, and speaker presentations. However, in this quickly shifting event industry, that same experience is needed in a virtual version to keep attendees connected.


virtual engagement platforms

A sister to the webinar, the Virtual Engagement Platform provides event planners and attendees with the same custom and seamless experience of a live event, via virtual event technology, while also maintaining the quality, content, and experience through a multi-camera, 4k video streaming solution.


  • Offer live 4K streaming to 20 or 20,000 attendees
  • Offer a robust and secured pre-recorded video library
  • Offer a hybrid of live stream with pre-recorded content
  • Access, share, and update agendas
  • Check into sessions and track their progress
  • Manage, share and update session information
  • Receive a multitude of push notifications
  • Access speaker information
  • Access network matching
  • Take session surveys
  • Play live games
  • And (believe it or not) more…


The seamless ability to bridge the gap between live event customization and execution to a full digital user experience is something not to be taken lightly. Attendees are treated to an immersive guest experience with virtual event platform from the comfort of their favorite device – skipping the bathroom lines, airport security, and other unsavory traveling experiences.



Webinars: Online Meetings Held over the Internet


  • Webinars are a quick, easy, and typically affordable way to engage with attendees.
  • Most webinar attendees view content for an average of 61 minutes.
  • They are an easy way to collect lead data for your sales team.
  • An excellent alternative to small-scale meetings and events.


Hosting a virtual event should never force you to compromise on any aspect of your live event. Especially the parts that make it extra special. That is why this shift in virtual event technology is so vital to the success of events around the country looking to take things online. Click here to learn more about how to create great virtual event experiences.


How can MeetingPlay help?

Treat your guests to excellence, no matter what the circumstances. Taking control of your

Meetingplay Virtual Event Platform

event through our Virtual Engagement Platform will not only keep things just as you like - customized, streamlined, meaningful - guests are also sure to leave with the same confidence and education as they would from being there in person. Not to mention, in a safer environment.


Ready to take your event virtual? Chat with us to learn more about how you can create a great experience for your guests with our virtual event platform, all from the comfort of their own devices.

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