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Bring the live event experience to your virtual events, for audiences from 200 to 200,000.

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Introducing our Virtual Event Platform

Reimagine the Virtual Experience

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Go all virtual or expand your in-person event to reach remote audiences, anywhere on earth. Our Virtual Event Platform re-creates the quality, content, and essence of what makes your face-to-face events so special while providing planners and attendees with seamless virtual event experience.

Start connecting your virtual event audience with personalized content, brands, and networking experiences, all with our AI backed platform.

Engagement + AI + Flexibility = The ultimate virtual event experience

Delivery Options

Make Your Virtual Sessions Stand Out

Every virtual event is unique and when it comes to virtual delivery formats, one size does not fit all! Your event may encompass everything from keynotes to group breakouts to small, collaborative sessions. Within our virtual engagement platform, we’ve created three distinct video delivery options to meet your session needs.


Sponsors/ Exhibitors

Sponsors and exhibitors want more than a simple logo exposure during virtual events. Create a life-like experience through our Virtual Engagement Platform to increase brand awareness and, more importantly, to establish meaningful connections with attendees.

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Exhibit Hall

Give your attendees the opportunity to have a high level of interaction with exhibitors during your virtual event through Exhibitor Rooms. Exhibitors set the pace by providing as much “live” time or as little as they wish. Attendees can view information about exhibitors and click-through to exhibitor websites.

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Expert Panels or BOF rooms

Grow business connections through collaborations rooms. Perfect for small or medium sized gatherings, the rooms offer a perfect environment for attendees and sponsors to discuss new product offerings and ask brand-specific questions. In addition, use the “Ask the Expert” function to facilitate additional learnings.

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Video Interstitials

Similar to YouTube pre-roll ads, video interstitials highlight sponsors before pre-recorded content plays. Give your sponsors exposure as a video interstitial before the content plays.

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Banner Rotation

Turn on banner ad rotation to give sponsors additional exposure on content driven pages.

Ban Boredom with Gamification

Attendees don’t want to sit through hours of didactic sessions, nor should they have to. Turn on gamification to encourage attendee behaviors that will help you meet your event goals. Want your audience to complete their profiles or be the king or queen of networking? Get them into the spirit by awarding points and prizes to game leaders.

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With smartfeed technology, we can create personalized recommendations for your virtual guests to improve content relevance.

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Want to learn more about your audience and keep them entertained? Polls and surveys are the perfect way to get to know your audience and collect data to help you improve and even monetize your event.

API Integrations

Access & Integrations

An important feature of a virtual event is the level of accessibility and integration to make every experience seamless. Ingenuity, flexibility, and a tight API integration between our virtual event and engagement platform and our customers’ registration system is required to make this a seamless experience. In general, the tighter this integration, the better.

Our Virtual Event Platform has third party integrations with over 100 registration providers, content management, streaming and A/V platforms.

Simple to Complex Login and Security Capabilities

  • Simple
    Passcode + email address
  • Moderate
    Restrict login to only registered attendees via attendee list (with 3rd party API)
  • Complex
    Single Sign-on SSO - Integrate with SSO via a SAML 2.0 integration.
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Built in registration

  • Gather valuable attendee data easily through our built in platform.
  • Exceptions and “passes” can be added via platform admin if needed

Smart Technology. Consistent Execution

Hosting a virtual event should never force you to compromise on any aspect of your live event.

With our Virtual Event Platform, you can take advantage of the same feature-rich, customized solutions that our mobile event app customers have come to know and love.

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  • Access, share, and update your agenda
  • Attendee check-in and tracking
  • Manage, share and update session information
  • Push Notifications
  • Speaker information
  • Network Matching
  • Session surveys
  • Live Games
  • Advanced searching tools
  • Network Matching