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MeetingPlay's Virtual Event Engagement Platform

We provide the software that makes a difference

Integrate with hundreds of platforms, enable simple to complex security capabilities, and tap into robust post-event analytics. Your event, your way.

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A Virtual Event Platform that feels face-to-face

Connect thousands of attendees to your virtual event with intuitive navigation, advanced video delivery options, networking experiences, and engagement tools, all powered with an Al engine.

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White glove service, from beginning to end

Experience MeetingPlay's dedicated support throughout your virtual event planning needs, from a simple idea to full event execution with our seasoned team of experts.

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MeetingPlay's Virtual Event Platform for Attendees, Exhibitors & Speakers

MeetingPlay is continuously updating our virtual event platform with new and exciting features to meet the needs of our customers and their audience.

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Virtual Event Platform
Managing Your Virtual Event 1

Make Planning Your Virtual Event Easy with our Custom Dashboard

Your attendee’s event experience is tailor-made through our custom solutions, designed to simulate face-to-face.

MeetingPlay's My Experience dashboard connects your attendees with a personalized agenda, content, exhibitors, and valuable networking opportunities.

Virtual Engagement Tools 2

Capture Audience Attention, Then Keep It

Attendees shouldn't sit through hours of didactic sessions. MeetingPlay's virtual event platform provides the tools to capture your audience’s attention and keep them participating all day long with unique interfaces and resources.

Virtual Engagement Tools
Delivery Options 3

Make Your Virtual Sessions Stand Out with Engaging Content

Content is king and it needs to be engaging. Get creative with your presentations and content with the help of our event platform! We offer several flexible content delivery options to provide the best resources to your audience:

3- Live stream
Live Stream

Build the ultimate excitement for opening sessions and keynotes with MeetingPlay’s live streaming format, for audiences up to 200,000+

3 - Collaboration

Need to host breakouts and training sessions? Unique to MeetingPlay, collaboration enhances interactivity with real-time screen sharing and attendee engagement tools.

3 - Pre-recorded Content
Pre-recorded Content

Create lively, on-demand sessions with live chat, polling, and more. This option offers robust audience participation without the need for a live presenter.

3 - Semi-live Sessions
Semi-live Sessions

The benefits of a live session presentation and a pre-recorded session, all in one. Content is pre-recorded and takes place at a specific time. Presenters interact with your audience live as the content plays.

Audience Networking 4

Maximize Attendee Virtual Networking Opportunities

Keep attendees talking with our networking tools and AI-matching. We’ll connect attendees with like-minded people and suggest birds of a feather sessions around their interests. We’ll also highlight exhibitors they may want to explore.

Virtual networking tools that audiences love include:

  • Live Chat
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing
  • Birds of a Feather Networking Rooms
Virtual Event Exhibitor-Booth
Keep Your Virtual Booths Life Like 5

Generate Exposure for Sponsors & Exhibitors

Provide numerous ways for sponsors and exhibitors to connect with attendees and gain additional exposure during your event. With our available collaboration tools, your exhibitors can create a customized experience for anyone who visits their 'booth' at your virtual event.

Exhibitors and sponsors can:

  • Provide a company description and information
  • Schedule 1-on-1 appointments with attendees or vice versa
  • Upload representative profiles
  • Host live office hours
  • Upload videos or commercials
  • Provide special offers
The Right Combination of Ingenuity & Flexibility6

Virtual Event Access & Integrations

Connect our virtual event platform with third party integrations with over 100 registration providers, content management, streaming and A/V platforms. Make your event seamless and easy for everyone involved. Keep it secure with our simple to complex login systems.

3- Live stream

Passcode + email address

3 - Semi-live Sessions

Restrict login to only registered attendees via attendee list (with 3rd party API)

3 - Collaboration

Single Sign-on SSO - Integrate with SSO via a SAML 2.0 integration

Virtual Event Platform Services

Constantly Innovating, Always Creating

MeetingPlay is continuously updating our virtual event platform with new and exciting features to meet the needs of our customers and their audience. Some of our exciting new features include:

Wordly Integration
One of the best things about virtual events is that they can be enjoyed by attendees from all over the world. To make sure all of our non-native English speakers can enjoy the presented content, we have integrated with Wordly, a real-time translation tool that can translate multiple languages simultaneously on: 
  • Video Conference Calls 
  • Live Webinars & Online Training 
  • Pre-Recorded Video Content 
  • Phone Calls & In-Person Meetings 
  • Large Conferences 
Exhibitor Matchmaking
Our exhibitor matchmaking is powered by our AI algorithm to  help you find the exhibitors and sponsors that matter most to you. Simply build your  network within the virtual platform by answers a few prompted questions about  yourself. Once you complete the questions, you will have a customized selection of  booths with services that will likely meet your interests.