Virtual Meetings, made simple

Whether you have 20 attendees or 20,000, the switch to virtual has never been easier.

The Virtual Meeting Toolbox

Live Chat

Live Q&A

Note Taking & Bookmarks

Polling with Q&A

Content Driven Suggestions


Consistent Quality. Consistent Execution.

Hosting a virtual event should never force you to compromise on any aspect of your live event. Especially the parts that make it extra special.

With our Virtual Engagement Platform, you can:

  • Access, share, and update your agenda
  • Attendee check-in and tracking
  • Manage, share and update session information
  • Push Notifications
  • Speaker information
  • Network Matching
  • Session surveys
  • Live Games
  • Advanced searching tools
  • And more...

Keep your event simple. Keep it secure.

Moving your event online can be a little nerve-wracking. How are event attendees accessing your event? Where do they sign in? Let's keep it simple:

Instead of driving attendees to a physical location, you will be driving them to your own custom virtual platform with an award-winning mobile application.
Registered attendees will receive their own login credentials.
Access our multi-camera 4k video streaming solution to guide guests through speaker presentations.
Manage your attendee list the smart way through restricted logins to only registered attendees.

Virtual Kickoffs and Live Sessions keep things organized.

Just because you are not there in person to keep things moving it doesn't mean it should be unorganized. Seamlessly transition your live event into a virtual experience without skipping a beat.

Virtual Kickoffs - Build excitement and engagement with online and mobile tools to officially kick off your virtual platform with optional live streaming.
Live Session Options - If live streaming is selected, multiple engagement tools are available to keep your audience engaged and excited.

Options include:

  • Live chat with attendees
  • Live note taking
  • Live QA with host
  • Polling & Surveys
Pre-record your sessions for shareability and easy access in an interactive environment.

Be in total control.

Treat your guests to excellence, no matter what the circumstances. Taking control of your event through a Virtual Engagement Platform will not only keep things just as you like - customized, elegant, meaningful - guests are also sure to leave with the same confidence and education as they would from being there in person. Not to mention, in a safer environment.

Ready to take your event virtual? Chat with us to learn more about how you can create a great experience for your guests, all from the comfort of their own devices.

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