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How Great Virtual Event Experiences Happen


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What makes a live event great? 


For decades, live events have been a popular tool for companies to launch new products, provide networking opportunities, and present important information. But what makes attendees keep coming year after year? And how can that experience actually be translated into a virtual event?

With the major shift in the event industry in response to COVID-19, live events are rescheduling left and right.


The question of the hour continues to be: “How can we take this event virtual?” But the concern still remains - after all of the hard work and time spent on planning a fabulous live event, can a virtual event fulfill our needs? 


The answer is a definitive yes. But, it’s important to find the right virtual solution for you.


How to choose your virtual event platform:


The technology behind a virtual event is the most important thing to consider. Whether you are planning a massive tech trade show or an intimate advisory board, virtual events need to feel like live events. 


The most important thing for event attendees is engaging content and networking that make spending the time at your event worthwhile. To put it simply, your virtual event needs to replicate and enhance the face to face experience and build strong business relationships. A webinar scenario is simply not going to fit the bill for an event that, before going virtual, offered live speakers, networking, events, breakouts, and more. 


Your virtual event should cover the “Big 6”: 


1. Invite

Arguably one of the most important features of a virtual event is the level of accessibility and integration to make every experience seamless. Attendees should be able to access your virtual event with ease. Login

That should include: 

    • Simple to Complex Login and Security Capabilities
    • Built in registration 
    • Exceptions and “passes” can be added via platform admin if needed


Our Virtual Event Platform has third party integrations with over 100 registration providers, content management, streaming and A/V platforms . 


CTA Learn More About Virtual Event Engagement Platforms


2. Share Content

Your event content is special to you, especially in your preference of delivery. No matter the size of your event, you should deliver custom content in a variety of ways: 


Live Streaming Sessions

    • Build the ultimate excitement with live streaming sessions



    • Create collaborative group sessions with screen slide sharing, live Q&A, and note taking straight on the platform. 


Pre-Recorded Content

    • Pre-recorded sessions delivered interactively


Share Content


But keep in mind, you don’t have to use these exclusively. You can always blend your

content with a mix of live streaming and pre-recorded content.  Here are some ideas for fun virtual event formats.


3. Discover

Attendees should still have the capability to choose the content they want to see and 

search through available sessions, from keynotes to breakouts. 


Live session options

    • Live chat with attendees, live note taking, live Q&A with host, polling, and surveys. 


Pre-recorded Session Library View

    • Platform allows for secure delivery of pre-recorded assets in an interactive environment.


Complex Agendas

    • Variations with tracks, dates, and categories can create very complex agendas.


Advanced Searching Tools

    • Set of search filters to find the ideal content available in the system that matches their preferences/search queries.


Keeping attendees in the driver's seat during your event is not only a fun way to let them navigate your content, but is essential for keeping them engaged in the content that they select to experience. Want to know how you can effectively train presenters to deliver engaging virtual presentations? Click here


4. Network

Just because your event is virtual does not mean you attendees should have to 

compromise on networking. Don’t lose the face to face value a live 

event brings and keep attendees connected and engaged through a variety of virtual 

networking opportunities.




Rich Attendee Profiles

    • Upload attendee information and show off badges earned during the event.


Direct Messaging

    • Send messages to individual attendees or create group chats and set up meetings.


Attendee Matchmaking

    • Attendees matched based on their titles, affiliations, or information. 


Keep attendees connecting with personalized content, brands, and networking 

experiences, all with our AI backed platform. Never let face-to-face experiences 

disappear from your event, especially through your virtual platform. 

Read about what attendees want in their ideal virtual networking experience.


5. Engage

Reduce those attendee sneak out rates by keeping your content engaging before, during, and after your event. In addition, gamify your event to encourage specific attendee behaviors that will help you meet your event goals.


By awarding points for simple event activity, you can achieve the following benefits:

    • Increase attendee engagement
    • Effortless networking
    • Sponsor support
    • Real-time event feedback




Keeping attendees engaged is vital for your event’s success, especially in a virtual event where sneaking out of a presentation is as easy as the click of a button. Generate excitement during your event with interactive point systems, games, and more, all through your custom virtual event platform. 


6. Exchange

Of course, you can’t forget about your sponsors and exhibitors. Continue to showcase 

and provide attendee and exhibitor interaction experiences through a virtual platform. 


Exhibit Hall

    • Attendees can view information about exhibitors and click-through to exhibitor websites.


Video Interstitials

    • Give your sponsors exposure as a video interstitial before the content plays.


Banner Rotation

    • Turn on banner ad rotation to give sponsors additional exposure on content driven pages.


In many cases, your event is relying heavily on sponsor and exhibitor participation. 

Keeping them connected with more experiences than the average banner ad is what is 

going to make your virtual event so special. Offering attendees the chance to connect with the big players in the industry, all the while learning more about their brand and products, is something that can be done easily through virtual and is essential for your event’s success. 


Now you know what your virtual platform needs to be, what should it accomplish?


  • Build brand recognition
  • Develop strong networking connections
  • Build company trust
  • Raise money
  • Establish thought leadership
  • Enhance company culture

Interested how to measure success? Check out these virtual event survey questions. You can also check out our expert post with advice from industry experts


Next Steps...

You should never have to compromise on the excitement and quality of your live event when switching to virtual. Find a virtual platform that checks every box - try MeetingPlay.


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