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    Spearheading Event Engagement Through Event Gamification

    When it comes to the world of events, there seem to be a million different approaches, “best practices,” and solutions for how to engage and network with your audience.

    One of the many ways that we at MeetingPlay help our event planners facilitate event engagement is through event gamification.

    Event Gamification Overview

    Gamification, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “the process of adding games or game-like elements to something (as a task) so as to encourage participation.”

    We recently wrote in great detail what event gamification was and how MeetingPlay’s event apps encourage event engagement through the usage of event gamification.

    To sum it up, event gamification promotes event engagement. From pre-event networking tools to icebreakers, event scavenger hunts and more, gamification done well is a great tool to motivate event attendees to engage with both other attendees and your event.

    Gamification Goals

    Recently, a client of ours had a 5-day event for those who represented its brand in the hospitality industry. The event allowed like-minded and focused professionals to meet and build relationships with property representatives and senior leadership, share industry best practices, and leverage the education they received during the event.

    In selecting MeetingPlay as its official event and gamification app, the client had several goals in mind, one of which was encouraging event attendees to network with each other in a way that provided a custom experience. In addition to building a feature that allowed all attendees to view other attendees’ profiles and information, MeetingPlay was able to build a custom Bingo game that matched the right people together.

    Instead of sellers connecting to other sellers, our custom-built engagement solution for this event focused on matching buyers to sellers and sellers to buyers.


    While Bingo is typically a client favorite at MeetingPlay, this event, as previously mentioned, needed an opportunity for the right people to connect. Our custom Bingo game within our mobile event app encouraged attendees to network with each other via profiling slots aligned on their virtual cards. By previously designating event attendees’ proper titles within the mobile event app, we were then able to create custom cards that matched the right interactions.

    These custom Bingo cards allowed event attendees to see people that would be ideal fits to network with, so that once engaged, they could build a further opportunity. 

    Successful Gamification

    MeetingPlay’s approach to event engagement is the foundation of every event app that we build. After providing event apps for thousands of events, we know firsthand what works to help leverage and build engagement and networking. Our interactive Bingo networking game within our event gamification app has been quite successful in the past. This even more custom and specific approach to the Bingo game was a hit. Hundreds of relationships were formed and developed, which will ultimately lead to those connections and networks achieving greater business success.

    Want to learn how MeetingPlay’s custom approach event engagement can help your next event? Learn More Now!

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