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Augmented Reality is the latest trend at meetings. What is it and how can you use it? Learn more here.

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What is Augmented Reality?

AR-phone-targetAugmented reality is cutting edge technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's real-world view via their mobile device. By doing so, it allows a user to see something unique that's not outwardly visible to anyone else.

It's different from Virtual Reality in that Augmented Reality doesn't require a headset, glasses or other device which must be worn as part of the experience.


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How Does Augmented Reality Work?

Users focus their mobile device on a target and are exposed to an image, video or other piece of information giving them insight into something others can’t see.


Watch MeetingPlay CEO Joe Schwinger discuss Augmented Reality at a recent event

Why is this Important to Events?

This dynamic lens offers the opportunity to see things that others can’t, which leads to a high intrigue factor for attendees. The buzz and excitement around Augmented Reality leads to highly engaged attendees and adds a fresh, new feature for events.

Augmented reality can be of benefit if you have space constraints when representing your products, if you are sharing proprietary/confidential information that you don’t want shown in public areas, or if you are generating intrigue around a new product launch to name just a few.

How can I use Augmented Reality at My Next Event?

Anything can be explored in action like it’s really there. Place targets throughout your venue and allow attendees to unlock clues.

lightbulb-solid Promote Your Brand and Products

Don’t just tell them, show them! Bring your brand to life by allowing attendees to uncover key attributes about your products.

comment-solid Enhance Networking Opportunities

No need to rely on scanning badges or exchanging business cards. Instead, amp up the impact with AR targets. The intrigue factor will have everyone engaged and eager to connect.

briefcase-solid Promote Sponsors

Display targets at sponsor booths to bring sponsor products to life in an interactive way.

map-marker-alt-solid Highlight the local area

You picked your event city for a reason. Show your attendees sights worth exploring.

user-solid 1:1 interactions with leaders

Allow attendees unique opportunities to hear directly from leaders and speakers with video messages visible only to them.

Combined with gamification, this offers the opportunity for attendees to connect with your brand, products, sponsors and each other in a more impactful way.





Augmented Reality is a highly visual feature, we are happy to show you specific examples of how it can be used at your next event. Drop us a line to find out more.

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