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Take a look at just a few of the new, exciting features being integrated into MeetingPlay’s mobile event app.

The Simple Strength of RFID Technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology uses small computer chips and antennas to store information, transmit data, and create a unique identifier for the stored data.

RFID technology is contained in small chips and used for location tracking and information gathering. These chips are small enough to fit into bracelets or on badges and have the power to transfer your event from start to finish.

Scannable bracelets and badges allow your attendees to move through check in and security lines quickly and help create a better arrival and overall event experience. And it offers you fraud protection, access control, and traffic pattern analysis to help enhance your event planning.

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Bring New Meaning to Your Content with Augmented Reality

MeetingPlay has developed a combination of augmented reality and gamification to connect attendees to your content in a unique way.

Let's say you have a big transformation coming up which hasn’t been announced, and you want to start building excitement and intrigue among your attendees. At the beginning of the conference, augmented reality targets can be present, allowing attendees to use the app to see into another world available only to them. The first clue an attendee might unveil is a butterfly – a symbol of transformation. On its own, it may not give away the full message, but combined with other clues (targets) and with gamification, you can lead your attendees to learn more about what’s next prior to the big reveal at your general session.

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Artificial Intelligence Ensures Attendees See the Right Sessions

Attendees typically view large, complex agendas by track, which only shows a selection of sessions and speakers available during a conference. Using this method, attendees often miss out on other sessions, since they appear on different tracks that are not visible to them.

When attendees first open our mobile event app, they will answer a few simple questions about their interests, potential sessions they would like to attend, and their purposes for attending the event.

Similar to Netflix, the mobile event app will then custom-cater content that is relevant to each individual, suggesting sessions and speaker series that an attendee may not have been aware of but would be of interest. Through this matchmaking algorithm, attendees receive the most relevant information in a truly customized experience within the mobile event app.

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