As an event planner, the use of RFID technology can help you improve your business, gather valuable event information, and provide a better user experience for your attendees.

Each chip is associated to an individual person and is loaded with their event details. Attendees receive badges or wristbands with the associated chip on-site (or in the mail in advance). Once attendees arrive, they scan their badges or wristbands at kiosks or hand held-devices to enter access-controlled spaces.

If you are using a mobile app or website for the event, attendees can log in to their accounts and securely associate a credit card. They can then use the RFID technology quickly and easily to make purchases on-site.

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Benefits and Features

As you plan your events, one of your priorities is to provide a unique experience for your attendees. RFID technology has the power to transform your event while also providing valuable benefits to the event planners who use it.
Here are some ways RFID technology can help:

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So, what does RFID technology look like during an actual event? MeetingPlay recently used RFID wristbands for a client’s event in Las Vegas. The conference lasted over four days, featured a variety of smaller events along with the main event, and welcomed over 9,000 attendees.

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