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Tradeshows and exhibitions that deliver ROI

Bring exhibitors and attendees together and create lucrative connections with our robust virtual tradeshow platform.

Generate high-quality leads

Build smarter tradeshows
for exhibitors
& attendees

Direct attendees to exhibitors of interest

Your attendees are looking for new ways to solve their pain points. Exhibitor matchmaking recommends exhibitors with products and services they are interested in.

Exhibitor management suite

Track all lead information, analyze the quantity and quality of your leads, and get a bird's-eye view of everything from your dashboard. Sync leads with your CRM for post-tradeshow targeting and follow-up.

AI-powered lead retrieval

Discover lead retrieval, evolved

Experience next-generation lead retrieval with an interface that is both simple and powerful.

  • Find quality leads fast
  • Simple lead scanning, tracking, and management
  • Engage with the leads that matter

Sponsor analytics & reporting

Content and reporting features for sponsors

Deliver lead reporting to your sponsors to manage and maximize the leads they make onsite.

  • Report on attendees who visited an exhibitor booth, even if there was no real-time connection made
  • Access your reports in a cloud-based system that be accessed anytime (onsite or off)

Data-driven ROI

Track your event’s value for repeat sponsorships

With MeetingPlay’s engagement measuring and reporting process, exhibitors can determine the success of investing in your virtual tradeshow in real time, giving them incentive to plan their next event with you right out of the gate.

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