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An activity feed is a great way to get your attendees involved. MeetingPlay includes a space for sharing photos and comments as part of every app. Like all MeetingPlay features, you can customize and enhance your activity feed by creating separate categories or developing a social wall display.

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What is a Mobile Event App Activity Feed?

Social media has become an expectation at events

How often do you check your social media accounts each day? According to an article posted on, if you fall in line with the average, you’re using social media for at least two hours every day. And for some people, it’s double that.

MeetingPlay Activity FeedSocial media is a powerful tool. You use social apps daily to develop personal connections, improve yourself professionally, and find entertainment. Social apps are woven into our daily lives and touch nearly every aspect of our routines.

You now have the ability to incorporate this same activity into your mobile app as a closed network at your next event.

Activity feeds (sometimes also referred to as conversation walls or social feeds) are features within a mobile event app that provide attendees an opportunity to post comments and pictures during your event. Your activity feed works like other mainstream social media apps, and allows the users to like, comment, and follow content that they find interesting. Users can engage with each other, your vendors, and your event activities within the secure confines of your event app.

Social media has become an expectation at your events, and allowing your app users to share their experiences can benefit you and your attendees. Incorporating activity feeds into your event planning creates a more enjoyable experience, and helps you promote your event, venue, and planning business.

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Why Social Media Captivates Us

it's all about engagement

woman hand pressing Social Network iconWhat is it about social media that makes it so irresistible? Why can’t users break away from the allure of social apps? There are several reasons why social media is so powerful in today’s society:

  • Social Media Allows App Users to Connect – Most people want to feel connected and meet new friends. Social media provides a digital platform for app users to stay in touch using messaging, commenting and visual content sharing. Social app users can connect with people from around the world, regardless of their physical location.
  • Users Can Talk About Themselves – It’s human nature. Most people have a desire to share information about their interests and generate personal attention. Social media provides a platform with extended reach for people to share their experiences and connect with others that have similar interests.
  • Social Apps Provide Entertainment – Sometimes, you just want to use social media for entertainment and to see what other people are doing. Social media gives you the opportunity to find content that interests you, regardless of your current mood.
  • Users Can Feel Like They’re Part of Something – No one wants to be left out. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a real thing. Social media helps app users avoid the effects of FOMO by making them feel involved, even when they can’t be there physically.  
  • Cute girl with colorful glowing photo memories concept-1Social Media is Visually Appealing – Visual content is simple. It conveys a message without asking the user to read lengthy text or think too hard about the meaning. In a world of information overload, it’s nice to be able to enjoy visual content without having to process excessive information. Discover why your users will be drawn to visual content here. 

There’s no denying that social media is a powerful tool for engaging users, sharing information, and promoting great content. Now it’s time to put this impactful technology to work for you.

Why Your Attendees Will Love the Activity Feed in Your Mobile Event App

wow your guests from start to finish

The success of your event is dependent upon your ability to create an extraordinary experience for your attendees. You want them to enjoy everything you planned for them and feel like they’ve benefited from attending your event.

Earlier, we discussed why social media is so captivating. Now we can discuss how this relates directly to your attendees. Incorporating activity feeds into your mobile event app can help you wow your guests from start to finish, and keep them begging for more, even after your event is over.

Learn how you can leverage your activity feed after your event here.

Here are a few reasons your attendees will love it when you add a social sharing component to activity feed _ 7 ways to capitalizeyour event:

  • Greater Visibility to Event Activities – Information posted on your activity feed can draw attention to the speakers, content, and activities your event has to offer. When attendees see other app users sharing their experiences, they’ll want to seek out the interesting events they might not have noticed otherwise. Just as social media apps help users discover new content in their daily lives, your activity feed can help your attendees find meaningful content at your event.  
  • Networking Opportunities – As we mentioned earlier, social media has the power to connect people to each other. The same is true at your event. Mobile event app users can comment, like, and share on your event’s activity feed in the same way they would with standard social media apps. This interaction allows your attendees to connect virtually with each other on a broad scale, see the profiles of other attendees, and network with industry influencers and their peers. Read more about how activity feeds can help your attendees connect here.
  • Attendees Can Feel Like Celebrities – We already discussed the fact that many people enjoy attention, and frequently use social media to display their experiences and content. Your event attendees are no different. Mobile event app users can post on your activity feed and display their personalities for everyone to see. This exposure helps your app users feel special, and like they’re part of your event. Roll out the red carpet for your attendees by adding a social-sharing component to your event planning
  • Added Excitement and Fun – Activity feeds are fun - plain and simple. Your attendees will love seeing pictures and comments posted by other attendees, while also sharing their own experiences. It’s a fun way to keep everyone engaged. After all, you don’t want your event to be all business, all the time. 
  • Mobile App Activity Feeds Are Convenient – Networking, interacting, and keeping up with event activities can be difficult in large settings. Activity feeds provide a convenient way for your attendees to get the most out of your event without the hassle of searching for connections and content. Users can access their activity feeds directly through your event app, along with any of your other event-app features.
  • Activity Feeds Create Feelings of Control – Event content used to be administrator-driven. You would plan your event and then push the content down to your attendees using handouts, emails, and presentations. Times have changed, and your attendees expect more. They want to help create the content, not just collect it. Mobile event apps with an activity feed allow your app users to create content for your event in real time. It makes the information more appealing to your attendees and removes some of the work from your planning. 

Today, you can harness the power of social media to boost your events. Your attendees already use social media in their daily lives; why not provide them with similar experiences during your event? It’s a natural transition that will help your event app users stay engaged and get more value from what you have to offer.

Create an event your attendees will rave about. Incorporate an activity feed into your mobile event app and watch the popularity of your event grow.

How Activity Feeds Can Improve Your Business

 Benefits beyond what you might think

Activity feeds can help you create an unforgettable experience for your guests. But the benefits don’t stop with your mobile app users. Adding activity feeds to your event can help you improve your planning, attract more attendees, and get a better return on your investment.

Here are a few ways activity feeds can enhance your event planning:

  • Greater Attendee Engagement – Activity feeds allow your attendees to stay engaged with your event from to start to finish. You can maximize the energy at your event when you provide your app users with an opportunity to engage with each other directly from their mobile devices.
  • activity feed sponsor-1Sponsor and Vendor Promotion – Activity feeds aren’t just for attendee sharing. Vendors and sponsors can also use your activity feed to promote their products and services. While your app users are posting content on your feed, you can feature information and promotional posts about your vendors and sponsors. It’s a fun way to help your business partners interact with your attendees comfortably and naturally, without feeling pushy or forceful. 
  • Access to User-Generated Content –The posts your attendees share on your activity feed can create powerful marketing content for your business. Harnessing this user-generated content can save you the time and hassle of creating your own material, and also lead to marketing content that speaks directly to your key customer base. Read our full guide on how activity feeds for your mobile event app can help you create valuable marketing content here
  • Real-Time Feedback – Following the feeds on your mobile event app can be a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your event. Event app users’ posts can provide insight into what features of your event are resonating with your attendees. This information can help you adjust your event in real time and improve your planning for future events. 

It's clear that activity feeds can add exceptional value to your event and your planning business. But there are ways to add even more impact to your event using your activity feed.

Take Your Activity Feed Beyond the App

Make it even more impactful with social walls

You now understand the transformational power an activity feed in your mobile event app can have on your event. You know that facilitating communication at your event can lead to greater engagement for your attendees and help you improve your event planning.

But did you know it’s possible to use your activity feeds to add even more interaction and awe-inspiring impact to your event? It’s true and can happen when you display your activity feeds on social walls.

Social walls are large TV screens or monitors that display information from your activity feed and other customized information. You can position your social walls in high-traffic areas throughout your event, like the entrance, hallways, conference rooms, or dining areas. It’s like having a channel of your own to display all the interesting content from your event and to keep your attendees entertained and informed.

Social walls benefit your attendees and add value to your event in a variety of ways, including:

  • Allowing attendees to view your activity feed on screens throughout your event, even when they aren’t using their mobile devices.
  • Quickly informing your attendees of your event information, agenda, schedule changes, or other important announcements.
  • Displaying custom content of your choice, above and beyond your activity feed. You can tailor the appearance of your social wall to meet the goals of your event.
  • Helping your attendees to discover interesting content and enjoy posts, pictures and comments from other attendees.

Social Wall-1

Social walls take the value and benefits of your activity feeds and amplifies them. Large TVs or monitors broadcast your event feed throughout your venue so everyone in attendance can reap the rewards of the content you and your attendees create.

Make sure your attendees don’t miss a moment. Maximize the impact of your social feeds by displaying social walls throughout your event.

Next-Level Social Walls

go beyond with live engagement displays

What if you want to take the impact provided by activity feeds and social walls, and ramp it up a bit? What would you need to astound everyone who walks into your event with a customized technological and social experience?

You would need a live engagement display.

Live engagement displays take social walls to the next level with enhanced customization, presentation, and interaction. Rather than simply displaying your activity feed on a TV monitor, live engagement displays are entire walls featuring eye-catching lighting, unique features, and customized content.

In additional to showcasing your activity feed content, here are a few additional ways to use a live engagement display at your event:

  • Attendee Recognition – Attendees love to receive recognition at events. Live engagement displays can be customized to put a spotlight on your attendees and personalize their experience. After one of your attendees scans their badge, your social wall can display curated content unique to that individual. The information displayed can include accolades from co-workers, performance stats, hobbies, or any other personalized content you choose to display.
    Adding a personal touch like this makes your attendees feel privileged. It also creates an excellent photo opportunity as they stand in front of their information presented on your live engagement display. Of all the live engagement display features MeetingPlay has created, this is one of the most popular. We’ve even made it possible for attendees to use the live engagement display to create an e-card to send to their friends and relatives.
Recogition Wall Cropped
  • Gamification – Live engagement displays can also be used to add some friendly competition to your event. You can design your enhanced social wall to feature games, like trivia. Your attendees can use the live display to compete against another attendee or attempt to get the top position on the leaderboard. But it’s not all fun and games. The questions you feature can challenge your attendees’ knowledge of your event, your company, your products, your services, or your vendors and sponsors. Your attendees can enjoy the thrill of gameplay while they become more familiar with your content and event. Read more about gamification here.
Game 2 Cropped
  • Video Display – Videos are a powerful way to get your message across. And displaying your video content on a live engagement display covering an entire wall makes a huge impact. You can use your advanced social wall to feature videos about local attractions, your venue, your company, vendor information, or your brand. It’s a great way to draw attention to your event and add an innovative touch to your venue.

Astound your attendees, vendors, and sponsors with a state-of-the-art live engagement display to promote your content and activity feed. Use the best technology available to create an unforgettable event. 

Get the Most Out of Your Activity Feed and Social Wall

Best practices to boost the impact of your feed

Event Activity Feed Best PracticeNow that you’re familiar with activity feeds and social walls, it’s time to talk best practices. If you’re going to use a social sharing component with your event app, you want to maximize the impact.

Here are some recommendations on how to get the most out of your activity feed and social wall:

  • Use a Hashtag – Make it easy for your attendees to follow your event activities and organize your posts. Create a short, catchy, and memorable hashtag for your event. Make your attendees aware of your hashtag before the event and make it visible throughout your venue. Read more about how to create a powerful hashtag for your event here.
  • Display Your Feed on Monitors – As we discussed, it creates a lot of value when you show off your activity feeds on social walls throughout your event. All you need are some TVs, a laptop and an HDMI cable to add a dynamic technological feature to your event. You can display your feed on a single monitor or multiple monitors throughout your event. Or ramp up your presentation using the live engagement displays we discussed in the previous section.
  • Incorporate Gamification – Add an extra element of fun to your activity feed and social wall using event gamification features in your mobile event app. Attendees can earn points when they post to your feed and share their experiences. Don’t worry, you can cap the number of points received so your attendees aren’t making irrelevant posts just to gain points. You can learn more about event gamification here.
  • Assign a Moderator – You’re busy, but you need to monitor the content your app users share on your activity feed and social wall. Experience has shown us that the best solution is to assign a moderator to keep an eye on the content your attendees are posting during your event. By assigning a moderator, you get the oversight you need without having to watch a screen all day. Read the complete guide to managing your activity feed and social wall content here.
  • emailBuild Interest Before Your Event – Generate excitement and awareness for your activity feed and social wall before your event begins. Send an email to your attendees in the weeks leading up to your event and let them know about the social-sharing features and hashtags you’re going to have. Be sure to let them know that they can begin posting to the activity feed before the event begins. We've had several clients with highly active feeds in the days leading up to the event.
  • Feature Your Vendors and Sponsors – Social walls and activity feeds can do more than just feature your attendees’ experiences. You can use your feeds to put a spotlight on your vendors and sponsors, as well. Take advantage of the visibility your activity feed and social wall generates to drive traffic to your vendors. They’ll love you for it.
  • Customize Your Social Wall to Your Event – Make your social wall unique. Customize your displays to highlight your brand, venue, and content. Link the popularity of social sharing to your hard work so everyone will know who to thank. Learn more about customizing your social wall here.

When you follow the tips above, you can boost the impact of your activity feed and social wall, while adding more value to your event.

Managing Your Social Media Outside of Your Event App

how to build a following

We’ve covered how ingrained social media is in your attendees’ lives, and how powerful social content can be for marketing purposes. The most successful event planners know how to leverage the impact of social media, use it to promote their event and build a following.

While MeetingPlay has you covered during your event with activity feeds that mimic social media sharing and social walls to display your feeds, we also want to help you manage your social media marketing outside of your MeetingPlay event app.

Here are some ways you can build a following, or use your existing audience to build awareness for your next event:

  • Create a Hashtag –We mentioned above the importance of using a hashtag for your event.. Make it short and memorable, and related to your event experience, venue, speakers, or theme. Make it visible throughout your event and include it in all your written and digital communications. You can learn more about leveraging your hashtags here.
  • Use Multiple Channels – Promote your event across all forms of social media you use, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You may have potential followers on one platform, but not on another, so spread your message as broadly as possible.
  • Image of male touching virtual icon of social networkCreate Groups and Pages – Creating groups and pages is a great way to build a community and develop a following that extends past your event. These virtual gathering spots give you direct access to your audience so you can share updates, content, or your business news. Need help creating a Facebook event page? We’ve got your back. Learn how to create a Facebook page for your event here.
  • Update Regularly – Having stagnant social media accounts is like hanging a “Closed” sign on your front door. If your followers don’t hear from you regularly, they’ll forget about you. Keep in touch with your audience regularly with updates, content, or questionnaires to stay front-of-mind with your audience.
  • Businesswoman making announcement with megaphoneUse Testimonials – Few things in marketing are as powerful as social proof. When you receive a testimonial raving about your event, share it on your social media channels. Seeing other people talk about your event is more powerful than hearing you promote your event-planning successes.
  • Engage with Influencers – Use your social media platforms to interact with industry experts or influential members of your community. It can help you educate your audience, strengthen your brand, and help you get recognized as a subject-matter expert.
  • Follow Up – Use your social sharing momentum to keep the conversation going after your event is over. Use content and surveys to create marketing material, improve your processes, and strengthen your brand. You can read our seven recommendations for capitalizing on your activity feed and social wall after your event here.

Social media marketing is a necessity for today’s event planner. Use the tips above to promote your event and build your following.


Put the Power of Social Walls and Activity Feeds to Work

When you combine the impact of social walls with a mobile event app, you can create a one-of-a-kind experience for your attendees. The value you can bring to your app users will supersede their expectations and blow your attendees away.

If you’d like to learn more about the transformational power of event technology, contact us or check out our free information about mobile event apps and event gamification features.

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