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Simmons University Institute

Kristen Paulson, VP of Innovation and Custom Solutions for the Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership, speaks about transforming their decades-longstanding leadership conference into a fully virtual experience with MeetingPlay.

Tell us your name and role at your company and a little about the events you manage.

I'm Kristen Paulson and I am the vice president of innovation and custom solutions for the Simmons University Institute for inclusive leadership. We have been hosting this conference for 42 years, and so we were not going to let a pandemic get us down. We quickly converted last year to a fully virtual event in five, very short weeks.

So this year with more time and more planning and more opportunity to really think through what would take the experience to where we knew it needed to go, that's where MeetingPlay came in. And not only did we transform the experience, we kicked it up 20 notches because of MeetingPlay, and I just don't think we could be happier with the experience.

Why did you make the decision to choose MeetingPlay?

The thing that came up time and time again, that put MeetingPlay, like way over the top was the customer service. It was really, I mean, the platform is excellent. The technology is wonderful. Totally reliable. Consistent, all the things you need a virtual platform to be, but it's the customer service that puts you guys way over the top for me. You go above and beyond to ensure that everything is perfect. It's incredible.

How did MeetingPlay help you achieve your goals?

Our goals for this year were really about a seamless, exceptional design for the user—for the attendee. And I think that's the thing that MeetingPlay did so well: it exponentially changed the experience because everything was under one roof. Everything felt like you were truly walking into a lobby or a space.

Even though it was virtual, it had the same energy and it had a lot of the same feeling that we really try to promote at this event.

Which engagement tools would you say were the biggest wins?

Ultimately, our biggest, biggest win was the exhibit hall and the exhibit booths. I think it was a phenomenally successful place to interact, to network, to engage with customers, to learn more about the sponsors, and the people who were p art of the whole experience of the leadership conference. And so for me, that was by far the biggest win.

What was your experience working with the MeetingPlay team?

My experience, and Simmons' experience working with the MeetingPlay team was exceptional. The customer service is just beyond what I would have expected, and just really timely, really smart, and really thoughtful in terms of helping us learn, and helping us make the most of the experience.

Would you recommend MeetingPlay?

I would highly recommend MeetingPlay. MeetingPlay is exceptional. I think they're exceptional because it's flawless technology. It's really integrated well into an experience that feels really easy for an attendee. I think that the customer service is just exceptional, and I think that's what brings them way over the top, in many, many ways.