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Monetize your events

Make your events work to increase your bottom line. Introduce creative revenue streams to add value for you, your partners, sponsors, and stakeholders.

More ways to profit with MeetingPlay

Discover MeetingPlay’s wide variety of revenue streams built into our integrated technology.

Premier branding opportunities

Offer paid prime real estate for sponsors, from sponsor listings to more robust advertising placements.

  • Sponsored session video interstitials
  • Linked sponsor logos directly on your event’s registration page, home page, or virtual event platform
  • Temporary retargeting tokens
  • Sponsored happy hours and networking sessions

Sell premium tickets

Charge for your next event by offering tiered or premium ticket options to your attendees.

  • Create a ticketing page for your event and generate buzz
  • Provide a variety of ticketing options like VIP, early-bird, and exclusive passes
  • Offer multi-day passes to incentivize attendees to attend longer

Offer seat upgrades

Turn unused seats into more revenue by offering upgrades to your live, virtual, and hybrid attendees.

  • Monetize unsold seats during the ticketing process
  • Fill the seats that are most important to you
  • Excite general admission attendees with VIP options

Drive gains with data

Offer tiered reporting capabilities for real-time feedback on sessions, exhibitions, and audience activity to uncover your event’s ROI.

  • Offer tiers of available reporting features: Basic, Advanced, Premium

Ready to monetize your event?

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