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Mobile App Features That Create Meaningful Connections

Successful meetings are built upon meaningful connections formed before, during, and after the event. At MeetingPlay, we challenge ourselves to find new ways to build these connections for your meeting attendees, whether they are networking with each other, communicating with sponsors, or simply connecting with meeting content.

Mobile apps, made for you.

MeetingPlay's custom app offers all the features you need to help reach your goals.

Enhance Attendees' Experiences

Bring meeting attendees together using networking tools, engage attendees through user generated content and entertain them with gamification.

Streamline Your Next Event

Digitize all event details and communications for immediate access and update, with everything in one spot that's simple to manage.

Delight Your Sponsors

Provide additional visibility for your sponsors and enhance ROI.

Gather Feedback and Insights

Find out what your attendees like with real time analytics.

Secure Your Event

Provide a secure mobile app for your event.

Have the Support You Need

Take comfort in knowing you'll have one-on-one support available before, during, and after your event.

Mobile Event App Features

If you are a meeting planner looking at a mobile event app comparison, it's important to consider that what's best for your meeting may be different from what's best for another. It comes down to finding the right event app features that complement the goals of your meeting.

You'll likely start by looking for an app with features that can efficiently display meeting content like agendas, tracks, and attendee profiles, but you don't want this content to be solely administrator-driven. You used to plan your event and then push the content down to your attendees using handouts, emails, and presentations. Times have changed, and your attendees expect more. They want to help create the content, not just collect it. And they expect an authentic and personalized experience. Mobile event app features that allow attendees to have a feeling of control over their experience at the event like activity feeds, personalized agendas and those a part of an audience response system (live polling, interactive questions, surveys) can be highly desirable.


Event Networking App

We know that networking is the single biggest factor that encourages people to attend events, but we also know that many can find the act of networking a bit daunting. It can be difficult for attendees to approach a stranger or even know who they should meet. As you are doing event app comparisons, you'll want to look at app features like matchmaking algorithms that create networks for each attendee while also enabling conversations, and combine this with gamification to create an atmosphere in which attendees can network more naturally.

What this all builds up to is attendee engagement. Event engagement is important for your event for many reasons. It is what motivates attendees before the event, it's what keeps attendees interested throughout your event, and it's what continues the momentum after your event.


Event Engagement App


Engaged attendees will connect with other attendees, to your sponsors and to your content - overall event engagement generates true excitement and brings value to your attendees. We know that engagement is strongest on the first day of an event. After day one, engagement wanes as attendees start thinking about the office and see their email piling up. The goal is to keep attendees as engaged through the duration of the event as they are on day one. A custom mobile event app comes with features hyper focused on increasing attendee engagement.

With all this said, are you struggling to filter through the many event application features to determine your ideal list? You're not alone. In fact, we created this guide to help meeting planners get started.

Flexible Event App Features

Often, our clients come to us with a list of requirements, sometimes based on what they think will be important, sometimes based on the newest tech features they've read about.

We like to start by talking about the purpose of your meeting. Are you looking to bring diverse groups together? Are you looking to disseminate a significant amount of information? Or are you doing a new product rollout? The conference app features best suited for each of these purposes might be different.

We believe strongly that meetings and events shouldn't use technology just to use technology. Technology should be used to enhance the meeting experience and create a meaningful and purposeful impact. Let us help you define which event application features can do just that for your next event.

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