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Mobile event app

Upgrade your
event journey to unforgettable with mobile event technology

Leverage our mobile event app for an experience beyond expectation. Give your audience information, networking, navigation, and engagement tools at their fingertips.

Features at a glance

Streamlined registration and event check-in
Attendee matchmaking & networking
Personalized agenda
Social feed
Gamification tools
Audience response system
Meetup scheduling tool
Unique branding opportunities for sponsors
On-demand session library


Connect your attendees

Rich attendee profiles

Fully customizable profiles for your attendees to manage their information, settings, and privacy.


QR code badge scanning

Attendees can swap contact and save information by scanning each other's QR codes.


Direct messaging

Attendees can kick start their networking with a message or meetup request to other attendees.


AI-powered networking

AI matches your attendees based on their titles, affiliations, or other interests


Interact with your audience

Mobile event app live polling

Live polling

Launch live polls to get deeper insights into your audience's thoughts and actions.

Mobile app gamification


Help your event attendees retain information, while having a little fun, with gamification.

Mobile app event question and answer

Interactive Q&A

Get your audience invested in your Q&A by allowing them to vote-up the questions most valuable to them.

Foster meaningful social interaction

Mobile shareable photo galleries

Shareable photo

Attendees can shoot and share their own photos, all from their personal devices. The gallery can be used for contests and scavenger hunts, too!

Live mobile event app

Live conversation

Like group texting, attendees can talk, share, and interact with each other on the conversation wall. Like and follow the posts which interest you the most.

Mobile event social media app

Integrates with
social media

Attendees can link to their social media profiles to post directly from their mobile event app.

MeetingPlay Mobile event app

Introduce the power of play

  • Live leaderboards
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Networking bingo
  • Contests & prizes
  • Sponsor & exhibitor integrations

Learn more about how to gamify your events with our free downloadable guide:

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Gamify mobile event app
Smartfeed event app on mobile

Introducing SmartFeed

Intelligent updates and personalized smart delivery

What if your mobile event app could answer questions before attendees have a chance to ask? SmartFeed understands and anticipates those tendencies, offering information when and where attendees need it.

Guide your attendees

Mobile event meetup


Attendees can schedule and manage Meetups with other attendees and exhibitors before or during an event.

Personalized mobile event app


Attendees can set-up agenda filters and favorite sessions to create their own personal experience at your event

Event floor plans

Floor plans

Help your attendees become familiar with your conference space and find their next session with ease.

Mobile app document management

Document management

  • Searchable download library
  • Downloadable presentations
  • Notetaking tools

Event management

Streamline your on-site kiosk registration

Create a unique arrival experience at your next event with self check-in kiosks.

  • Editable badges
  • On-the-fly badge printing
  • Check in with QR code
  • Check in with facial recognition

Your app, your brand

MeetingPlay ensures your mobile event app is an extension of your brand by incorporating logos, colors, and designs that match your company identity.

Notify attendees

Push notifications can be sent to all attendees, single attendees, or a specific group of attendees, creating a customizable opportunity to communicate with attendees at the right time.

Event registration made easy

  • Customizable attendee registration website
  • Back-end administrative portal
  • Seamless integration with the mobile app

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