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Hybrid event solutions

Streamline your event with hybrid solutions

Execute seamless hybrid events with ease

MeetingPlay offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you create a memorable experience for your attendees. Our dynamic event platform includes event design and planning, content support, attendee engagement, and a wide range of other services.

Transform your audience's event experience and create a stunning, interactive environment with MeetingPlay. When you work with us, you have everything you need to plan your event at your fingertips. Design an experience that delights audiences seamlessly with intuitive tools that let you leverage the full power of our state-of-the-art technology.

Brilliant branding and design

Wow your audience with a uniquely designed virtual platform and mobile app, showcasing your brand and event theme.

Keep attendees informed

Keep your attendees and presenters in the know about all aspects of your event with synchronized agendas, notifications, and alerts.

Personalized agenda building

Allow attendees to choose their own event journey. Our mobile app and virtual platform make it easy to favorite sessions, build their own personal agenda and discover new content.

Create content for live and virtual audiences

Bring your live sessions to your remote audience or create virtual only content with multiple video delivery formats including: Live stream, pre-recorded, collaborative, simu-live, or Zoom integration.

Give your sponsors high quality leads

Capture and connect your sponsors and exhibitors with leads from both worlds. While onsite sponsors mingle, representatives can have live audio sessions with virtual attendees.

Extend your content’s reach

Extend the reach of your content and event for greater impact. Ensure your event guests never miss a session with on-demand content.

Build unified engagement

  • Live chat
  • Integrated live Q&A
  • Live polling
  • Social walls
  • Gamification
  • Digital currency
  • Swag store

Connect attendees with community driven content

  • Content playlists
  • Live feeds and broadcasts
  • Live chat and Q&A
  • Social walls
  • Community forums

Hybrid attendee networking

Networking and communities without walls

Enhanced attendee profiles

Hybrid guests can choose to share their photo, contact information, job title, and personal interests with other attendees with enhanced attendee profiles.


AI attendee matchmaking for hybrid

Capture and connect with leads from both worlds. While onsite sponsors mingle, representatives can have live audio sessions with virtual attendees.


Hybrid chat-up

Connecting your in-person and virtual audience is essential. Chat-up lets in-network on-site and virtual attendees connect with audio or text chat using 1 interface.


Onsite hybrid solutions

Create a safety-first, comfortable in-person experience

Easily navigate the in-person aspect of your event with MeetingPlay’s onsite support. Create safe yet exciting experiences for in-person attendees, helping them feel welcome and secure while also empowering them to engage with others. Our tools encourage visitors to choose the spaces they feel most comfortable with and help streamline high-contact points throughout the meeting.

With person-focused features that put control in the hands of attendees, your audience will feel safe and comfortable — ready to network and learn at your event. Seamless solutions designed specifically for user needs make attendee-centered planning easier than ever before.


Transform attendees' experience with interactive features, safety-first services, and straightforward accessibility to engage online or in-person. At MeetingPlay, we deliver dynamic solutions to empower your event and engage your audience. Our platform matches your unique requirements and empowers each visitor to get the most from your meeting.


Delivering market-leading innovations with intuitive, accessible features, we offer hybrid event platform solutions that help everyone enjoy your function. We're an event technology pioneer here to empower you to create the experience you want for your next meeting.


Explore how we've empowered companies to make their events better than ever and take a look at our case studies. To explore how our cutting-edge technologies can meet your needs, reach out to us about a demo today.


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