MeetingPlay + Aventri + eventcore is now Stova. Read the full release here.


Delight sponsors and monetize your event

Your dedicated success team can offer ideas to help monetize your event and showcase your sponsors through branding opportunities and audience engagement.

Features at a glance

Custom sponsor pages and self-managed sponsor portal
Unique branding opportunities throughout your event
Sponsored integrations within the virtual platform and mobile app
Appointment scheduling
AI-powered lead retrieval
Advanced reporting and analytics

Monetize your virtual and in-person events

Boost your revenue by understanding your sponsor’s goals

Whether their goals are to generate as many leads as possible, spark interesting one-on-one conversations, or to simply boost brand awareness, your dedicated MeetingPlay event team can help you put together personalized packages that will wow your potential sponsors.

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Generate exposure

Give your sponsors the tools to manage their results

Self-managed sponsor portal

Keep your sponsors in the driver's seat while simplifying the management process.

AI-powered lead retrieval

Allow sponsors to manage and maximize the leads they make onsite. Once a direct connection is made utilizing the in-app QR Code scanning feature, exhibitors can rank, take notes, favorite, and connect directly on LinkedIn.

Analytics and insights

  • Real-time reporting
  • Track leads using wearable iBeacon technology
  • Representative profiles
  • Cloud based portal, accessible at anytime, onsite or offsite

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