Event App Reporting

How do you know your event is going well? Do you have access to concrete, real-time feedback? If a problem arises, are you able to adjust on the fly to get ahead of any negative reviews? And after your event’s over, how do you know what changes to make for the future?

Customer information is a critical asset in the world of event planning — and it’s even more valuable when you’re receiving insight from your audience in real-time during a live event.

By tapping into the perspectives and thoughts of your attendees each day, you can make immediate changes, adapt and refine your future events to improve the experience of your audience, and drive a return on your organization’s investment.

With our audience feedback app, attendee patterns are available in real time, easy to read graphs, showing highlights with breakdowns by day. The top reports typically pulled focus on attendee usage, attendee engagement, and time spent in the app, but more reports are available to go as in-depth as desired.

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In addition, sponsors and exhibitors have access to reporting through a unique portal, which provides them the tools to measure ROI, as well as interaction and lead analysis - all in real time.

With our personalized apps for event engagement, which include up-to-the-minute audience feedback and reports, you can discover what’s working and what isn’t, and use that data to make changes for this event and the next.

Event Surveys

With an event and conference survey app, event surveys have become a lot easier to deploy and are more efficient for capturing accurate, digestible data.

You can use surveys to gain insights on various areas, including your food and beverage selection, the atmosphere and convenience of the event location, and the registration process. For the best response rates, aim for short, high-frequency surveys and consider introducing gamification and its reward system as an incentive.

Simply use the app to notify attendees of the survey, consider offering incentives, and send reminders - all this can be developed beforehand or adjusted as needed, making it much easier to manage and track.

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Event survey question and responses in app

Most Popular Event Survey Options

Most Popular Event Survey Options

Session Surveys

Learn what your audience really thinks about your latest speaker. Did they feel engaged? Was the information relevant and applicable to their day-to-day life? Would they recommend the speaker to other professionals in their field? Get fast, direct insight into your lineup for future events.

Post-Event Surveys

See how your attendees feel after your event ends. Did they feel satisfied with their decision to attend? Were the presentations and seminars valuable? Would they sign-up again — why or why not? Get a worldview of your event and how to improve.

Your MeetingPlay account manager can help you tailor your surveys to encourage honest, immediate responses. For example, they may advise setting a time restriction on a session survey so it is not available until the session ends, preventing early completion and ensuring valid answers

No matter your survey choice, hearing from your attendees during and after your event gives you valuable data that you can use to support the concrete metrics provided by your audience engagement app. The result is a comprehensive presentation on your event’s ROI to stakeholders, as well as the tools to continue to enhance events.