Digital Event Signage, Evolved

Onsite communication is critical. MeetingPlay's Display Builder connects conference information to your audience instantly with turnkey reader board software.

Leader board software keeps your event attendees informed about everything happening in real-time.

Up-to-date event news

Advertise sponsors
Mitigate traffic congestion
Display accurate room information
Show schedules at-a-glance
Display maps and floor plans
Guide with directional signs

Highlight trending sessions

Live leader boards and social feeds

Digital Displays

  • Communicate schedule, speaker, and session room changes automatically
  • Everything is integrated, connected, and works within MeetingPlay’s virtual event platform and mobile app for a seamless event management experience.
  • Plug and play automation. No need to install external software or update Powerpoints

Create onsite engagement and FOMO with digital displays

  • Get attendees excited about trending "hot" sessions
  • Drive participation in gamification with onsite leaderboards
  • Promote sponsors at optimal times and drive participation in exhibitor activities

Improve every minute of the onsite experience

  • Decrease registration and check-in wait times with a high-traffic barometer display
  • Reduce crowding and promote physical distancing
  • Ensure attendees don't miss out on important updates

Ready to build better onsite experiences with MeetingPlay's Digital Display Builder?