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With Great Applaud to Barbara A. Myers

Blair Pettrey

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We've shared in the past how MeetingPlay's collaboration with IMN Solutions has strengthened our company and provided great opportunities. We are great fans of IMN - and the multitude of solutions they provide for associations and events, including technology, management, marketing, and much more. Their collection of strong, industry leading partners combined allow events and associations to succeed in really amazing ways. We're proud to be part of the team.

As part of that team came the connection of working with Barbara A. Myers, CAE. Barb is one of IMN's (and one of all time) most dedicated, hard working, and intelligent individuals when it comes to truly creating success. She has a vision and an understanding that surpasses any that we at MeetingPlay could ever compare to.

Thus with that, we, with great pride at MeetingPlay, wanted to share our 'Congratulations' to Barb on her promotion to IMN Solutions Chief Executive Officer. 

We know without a doubt Barb will not only excel in this position, but she will also continue to "WOW" us all with what she somehow seems to be capable of next! 

From everyone at MeetingPlay: Congratulations Barb!