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Why MeetingPlay? How does one event platform stand out from the others?


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There is no shortage of virtual and hybrid platforms in the current event spaces. Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, “eventing” has shifted into something that is fluid and malleable for each individual event. When the pandemic hit, tech companies big and small jumped at the opportunity to build new solutions for their customers that continue to keep the event industry afloat. Thankfully, they were successful. But what we are left with is a very saturated market of great options and not a lot of guidance as to who is the best.

All meetings and events are driven by different demands. Some may want more gamification, while others want more break-out or networking rooms, and some need both. There are a multitude of different ways you can host your event, and no one knows it better than you and your team. At MeetingPlay, our account managers enjoy listening to your vision, hearing your event goals, and finding solutions within our platform that help you meet those goals. MeetingPlay’s developers build these incredible user experiences that drive metrics the way you need them to be driven, creating unique and innovative solutions for every event, virtual, in-person, and hybrid.

The MeetingPlay Difference is a part of our philosophy. Here’s why MeetingPlay is the right platform for you.

We Create Unique Experiences

"It's our job to create Super Bowls with virtual and hybrid events."

- Joe Schwinger, Co-CEO MeetingPlay

MeetingPlay is tailor-made for you. We build the experience that you envision and want for your attendees. Our proprietary tech is influenced by our leaders who come from the hospitality industry and are based on exceptional quality, security, and support. Many platforms are built using 3rd party vendors and lack the level of security most clients need for these virtual events. MeetingPlay offers completely proprietary technology that utilizes government-level security (SOC-2) to keep your event and its attendees risk-free. In addition, our experienced event staff work with you before, during, and after your event to ensure the perfect experience, every time.

Here’s some of our most popular features, loved by our clients:

  • Attendee Schedules

    • Your attendee’s event experience is tailor-made through our AI-backed, custom scheduling solutions, designed to simulate face-to-face.

    • MeetingPlay's “My Experience Dashboard” connects your attendees with a personalized agenda, content, exhibitors, and valuable networking opportunities, all based on their likes and personal goals.

  • Social wall

    • Keep your attendees engaged with features like the Social Wall and Gamification. They can like, comment, and post photos from wherever they are, bridging the gap between worlds and creating new experiences. If you’re running a hybrid event, these features can be connected between audiences to create one, unified experience for all attendees to enjoy.

  • Gamification

    • To put it simply, gamification is fun. It's meant to drive engagement, promote easy competition, and understand your attendee behaviors. (You can also use gamification to tease our participants' interest and intent, and it can become an excellent lead generation tool!)

      • The developers and account managers at MeetingPlay love to discuss your event goals to build a platform unique to you. From scavenger hunts to development of mini games built with open-source software, we create fun so you can reach your engagement goals. 

MeetingPlay Gamification

  • Exhibitor/sponsor booths

    • With the MeetingPlay mobile event app and virtual platform, you can showcase your sponsors through branding opportunities and audience engagement. And we can offer ideas to help monetize your event with exclusive sponsorships and sponsorship packages.

    • Provide numerous ways for sponsors and exhibitors to connect with attendees and gain additional exposure during your event. With our available collaboration tools, your exhibitors can create a customized experience for anyone who visits their 'booth' at your virtual event.

      • Provide a company description and information

      • Schedule 1-on-1 appointments with attendees or vice versa

      • Upload representative profiles

      • Host live office hours

      • Upload videos or commercials

      • Provide special offers

  • Content delivery

    • Content is king and it needs to be engaging. Get creative with your presentations and content with the help of our event platform! We offer several flexible content delivery options to provide the best resources to your audience.

      • Live Stream

        • Build the ultimate excitement for opening sessions and keynotes with MeetingPlay’s live streaming format, for audiences up to 200,000+

      • Pre-recorded Content

        • Create lively, on-demand sessions with live chat, polling, and more. This option offers robust audience participation without the need for a live presenter.

      • Semi-live Sessions

        • The benefits of a live session presentation and a pre-recorded session, all in one. Content is pre-recorded and takes place at a specific time. Presenters interact with your audience live as the content plays.

      • MeetingPlay Studio makes it easy to create and stream your own broadcast quality content with comprehensive tools to create engaging, studio-quality content for your events. 

MP Studio

We Help Build Connections

Connections matter. They help drive engagement and measure interest, and with the MeetingPlay event platform, the entire attendee journey is built to make connections that last. Our latest resource "Virtual Events for Demand Generation", 52% of 2,779 respondents said that virtual events are the second biggest means of lead generation, after in-person, live events.  

  • Networking

    • Keep attendees talking with our networking tools and AI-matching. Connect attendees with like-minded people and suggest birds of a feather sessions around their interests and highlight exhibitors they may want to explore.

      • Virtual networking tools that audiences love include:

        • Live Chat

        • Appointment Scheduling

        • Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing

        • Birds of a Feather Networking Rooms

  • Break-out rooms

    • Need to host breakouts and training sessions? These are a priority of our customers, because collaboration enhances interactivity, and the MeetingPlay platform offers real-time screen sharing and attendee engagement tools..

  • Live Polling

    • Introduce polls during the sessions and retrieve real-time feedback from attendees.

  • Live Q&A

    • Bring your attendees into the session and ask questions live, or after the presentation with built-in Q&A tools. Attendees can vote for which questions they would like to hear the answers to, ask their own questions, and collaborate with each other.

  • Chat

    • Allow your attendees to speak directly to one another during the presentations. Build connections, support other professionals, and bring added value into any meeting

Cross Platform Chat

We Provide Access to Data that Matters

"Virtual event platforms will continue to play a significant role in a lead gen strategy."

- Michelle Bruno, MPC, CEM, CMP, Bruno Group Signature Services

Virtual Events for Demand Generation ReportOur research with Corporate Event News found that virtual events can track nearly every action and interaction associated with an event. Your event platform should have robust features, flexible design, be high performing, and offer differentiation to provide marketers with data they can't obtain from any other channel. MeetingPlay's platform offers the metrics you need to have a successful event, right at the tips of your fingers. Keep track of sessions, engagements, activity, and more, pre-event, during the event, and post event


Our Customers Love Us

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