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What Google’s New “Instant Apps” Means for Event Apps

Blair Pettrey

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Did you hear? Recently Google introduced an extremely innovative and exciting new way to utilize apps on Android app: “Android Instant Apps”.

These “instant apps” that are currently only available on Android devices, will allow Android users to engage and utilize apps from their mobile devices, instantly, without having to download the app.The new Android Instant Apps will be based upon deep links – i.e. links that have already been experienced, utilized and discovered on Android mobile phones by other Android users.

These new apps while may be instant – hold very singular and minute purposes. As Google explained, these single purpose and usage apps would be ideal for one time parking situations at a museum for example, or perhaps a onetime payment to a restaurant app.

The new Android Instant Apps would provide a native experience (i.e. similar to what Android and even IOS users already engage with in their actual ‘apps’) but would be mere dedicated functions of apps – thus as downloading only a one-time registration check in for events vs having a truly dedicated engaging mobile event app that provides not only registration and networking, but audience response systems and more. Users of the Android Instant App will be connected with a singular one small portion of an app.

While Google’s new Android Instant Apps are a step in the right direction – the purpose of MeetingPlay’s event apps is far more long term than one singular event app experience.

At MeetingPlay, our custom and dedicated mobile event apps, provide a solution across a timeline – not just a singular purpose. Our dedicated event apps allow our clients to engage with their audiences prior to their event, to generate and promote event sponsorships and vendors/exhibits. As well, the MeetingPlay event app features solutions for during the event success – gamification, social media integration, networking opportunities, and real time analytics.

We’ve shared before – the engagement and success of your event that utilizes the MeetingPlay app doesn’t stop at your event.

MeetingPlay’s solution platform for events is a 360 approach. What do we mean?

1. Event Registration

MeetingPlay offers a truly custom solution for event registration. We help our clients build a dedicated website that matches their events branding. It is custom, and can be as easy or as custom as the event planners choose for it to be. The MeetingPlay event registration is available as an easy setup and is ready to go within no time. Fully integrative with your events payment processing, and ready to gather attendee’s information (or integrate already known attendee information), our event registration software is truly customized and unique.

2. “Full Stack Approach”

 One of the greatest things we pride ourselves in at MeetingPlay is our ‘full stack’ approach to your event. Our dedicated developers, designers, account managers and marketers will help you not only design and build an event app that is truly the most successful and custom app and one that your event attendees will not only love but engage and adopt as well.

3. Pre Conference Marketing

Because at MeetingPlay we take this full stack approach to every single event app we create for our clients, we also include opportunities and help for pre-conference and pre-event marketing of their app. We offer our event app and conference app clients truly dedicated and valuable dedicated resources to help promote and get the most out of their event apps. From helping market the app to your event attendees or marketing the app to gain sponsorships and exhibitors – MeetingPlay’s full stack approach means no event professional is ever left to fail.

4. Post Conference Analytics & Surveys

MeetingPlay’s post conference analytics are truly customized, and industry leading. We provide data specific measurement and tracking for every single aspect of your event app that event professionals need, in a way they can understand. These In depth analytics are as deep or as surface as the event professional wants and desires. But the best part? These analytics are reported and updated in real time – which means event professionals can use their data to gain the most specific and important analytical data, when it happens.

 Additionally, our post conference and post event portion of our event app software, allows event professionals to continue engaging with their event attendees through surveys.  MeetingPlay’s post conference and post event surveying portion of our event app allows you to continue the momentum of your events attendees, but also learn what they loved and what they disliked – helping you better optimize and prepare for your next event.

In Conclusion

MeetingPlay employs an amazing talent force of app developers, one that is constantly changing the way in which event attendees utilize and adopt mobile event apps – thus providing cutting edge, industry breaking rates of event app adoption rates.

 This new announcement from Google and their inclusion of the Android Instant App is exciting news – and we look forward to seeing these same instant app features available for IOS. However, don’t forget – MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps are cutting edge, industry best, and dedicated to providing our clients a full range of support, development, and customization beyond any other event app.

Did you know? You can learn more about the MeetingPlay features and how to moentize your mobile event app with our free eBook:

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