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    MeetingPlay Mobile Event App 2017 Year In Review

    from MeetingPlay's CEO, Joe Schwinger

    December really is the most wonderful time of the year. There’s a magical buzz in the air and we can take in...

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    5 Ways MeetingPlay's Dedicated Account Managers Make Your App More Successful

    Once you’ve worked with one of our account managers, you’ll never want to launch another event app without one. You can expect your AM to be by...

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    MeetingPlay #EventProfs: Stephanie H

    Each Friday MeetingPlay gets personal and shares one of the many talented and hardworking faces behind the mobile event apps we develop. Sales,...

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    MeetingPlay #EventProfs: Lori E.

    On Fridays, MeetingPlay shares the talent and hard work that we call our team. From marketing, design, sales, front end development, back end...

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    MeetingPlay #EventProfs: Joey G.

    Each Friday, we shine the spotlight on MeetingPlay's very own team of talent. We showcase the handwork that helps develop, code, design, and work...

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    Intern Appreciation Day | MeetingPlay Interns

    This summer at MeetingPlay we have been given the opportunity to work some amazingly talented, dedicated and hardworking interns. In honor of...

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