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The Power of #EventProf Collaboration

Blair Pettrey

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Whether you are an association that has one annual event or a multitude of events every year – unless you have a dedicated event planning team, the task of actually planning an event can be daunting.

Event & Conference Planning for Associations

Associations of all types often face the difficult process of planning an event and not knowing where to begin, what they even need, or how to find it. From finding the perfect venue, securing hotel blocks, knowing what event technology is appropriate or best fit for their event or even what staff they need to make available at the event.

At MeetingPlay – we’re focused on driving engagement. Every solution we offer is built, customized and driven for engagement purposes – and yet all too often we run into this same problem.

Speaking with event planners and event professionals every day, we have learned and experienced the real disconnect between associations and their events. Having ourselves attended events, we know the frustrations and difficulties that attendees can experience at events, meetings and conferences.

Event Planning Frustrations Associations Face

Frustrations that associations don’t always consider before their event are the things that can potentially result in unsuccessful events, frustrated attendees, angered sponsors and vendors, and more.

Specifics that perhaps a last minute event can’t address – or an event planned by someone that is wearing too many hats to know what else to do – can be the catastrophe of any event, meeting or conference.

From the problems mentioned prior – to things that seem so minuscule until the disconnect and frustration occur, associations that attempt to host and execute their events without help, often fall short in ways that could have been prevented:

Making sure to plan enough room in a specific hotel for your event, or dedicating specific travel between venues if your event can’t or doesn’t host enough dedicated rooms for guests. Planning and building specific guests blocks across multiple hotels, and making sure your event receives prime discounts. Ensuring that your event is taking place on an appropriate date – one that doesn’t interfere with back to school, or holidays, or vacation times.

One of the most common problems that we have heard is navigation between venue rooms. When you have 5 minutes to get from point A to point B for your next session on your agenda, and you are lost and can’t find anyone to navigate, this struggle can be overwhelming and frustrating. (MeetingPlay actually added venue wayfinding to their host of solutions because of this specific concern).

But how do you manage the rest? How do you know who to hire, or what to plan, or how to even maximize revenue from your associations' event?

The Solution for Associations' Events

That’s when a solution is necessary – one that is built on a complete network and the power behind it. One that we at MeetingPlay knew immediately we needed to be part of – so that we could provide an answer and a solution to our companies, associations, event planners and event professional's concerns.

Meet IMN Solutions – the 360 solution behind over 1,000 successful association events and more every year. IMN Solutions is a global, full-service association, meeting, and event management company. For 35 years, IMN grew steadily by providing expert site selection and contract negotiation services. More recently, we have evolved our successful, client-centric business model to also include association management, meeting and event management, housing and registration, integrated marketing, destination management and technology services in order to provide comprehensive solutions for our valued clients.

We often hear from our clients how much they appreciate the power and leverage IMN Solutions brings to their organizations as we negotiate on their behalf in a sellers’ market. Having an advocate on your side becomes the critical difference in achieving superior results. The IMN Solutions associate assigned to each client becomes that advocate and they provide strong continuity and fully understand the collaboration needed for their clients to achieve their most ambitious goals.

Another major concern for our clients is stress. We understand how time-consuming meeting planning can be; therefore, we make it a priority to create solutions by partnering with the companies in our extended service offerings. Together, our team members have a unique set of skills and expertise to make our clients’ jobs less stressful. We can give our clients an educated view into the future of their meetings which gives them the power of information. They are then able to take this information back to their stakeholders to continuously improve their meeting year after year.

Overall, our goal is to add value to our clients. Whether our client focuses on technology services, housing and registration, integrated marketing, meeting and event management or association management – we have a solution for them. We truly believe that we are an extension of our clients’ staff and because of that, we are invested in the success of every meeting!

In Conclusion

There truly is a great value in collaborating with IMN Solutions, whether you're an association, meeting planner, or event planner. Associations and professionals are connected to a trustworthy network of event professionals, technology solutions and overall conference and event awareness, that results in the most successful events.

Editor's Note: This post was a collaborative post between MeetingPlay's Blair Pettrey and IMN Solutions' Christina Dean.