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The Mobile Event App Journey - From Inception to Event Success Completion


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At MeetingPlay, we believe in true greatness. That means, we empower the event professionals we work with, by developing truly successful and engaging mobile event apps. From inception to the final conclusion of an event that results (with the successful event reporting to support it), this is the MeetingPlay mobile event app journey.

The Journey Begins

Event professionals discover MeetingPlay in many different ways. Whether it's online, in person, word of mouth - once an event date is picked the process of picking a mobile event app begins.

Experience MeetingPlay

Goals vary for different events, but it's important to make sure your mobile event app is aligned with them. On an initial call, we will work on discovering and defining the goals and desires of the event, as well as showcasing what our apps can do.

Kick off together

Once a formal agreement has been signed, it's time to meet your dedicated account manager who ensures that all goals met. Your account manager will also work with you on developing the app and training you on the back end. They are the conduit for all communication and your single point of contact, available throughout the development process.

Front end development

Working with the development team, app creation begins. Typically, MeetingPlay apps start out with our front end developers who ensure apps reflect the custom branding and design of the event.

Back End/Native Development

While front end developers work on the design and branding of the mobile event app, back end and native developers work on coding databases and functionality that result in specific app features such as gamification, lead generation, beacon integration, etc.

Continued Account Success

At every step of the event app process, from pre-event, during the event, and after the event, dedicated account managers continue to ensure that the mobile event apps are successful. From creating resources that help event professionals promote and encourage downloads of the event app, to making sure all timelines are in sync, dedicated account managers are always helping.

Successful Mobile Event App

MeetingPlay's custom mobile event apps lead the industry in app adoption rates, exceeding expectations and goals for both event professionals and attendees.
The Mobile Event App Journey

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