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October Highlights from Around the Web


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We're sure you have a great list of event industry influencers that you follow on social media. But getting through all the tweets and posts that come your way can become overwhelming,

To help you along, we pulled together a few of the best posts we saw on the web this month. We hope this quick summary will give you some great inspiration, and maybe even help you uncover someone new to follow!

Emergency Planning at Events

October Emergencies

Our friend (and copywriter and content queen) Liz Johnson penned this article for TSNN which takes a look at the harsh reality of the need for emergency planning as part of your event planning schedule. With the number of tragedies that happen each year (shootings, earthquakes), you need to be prepared. Read the full post here.

For more thoughts on preparing for emergencies, take a look at this post about event planning contract best practices.

If you are interested in reading more by Liz, check her out on twitter @gleecontent. She also wrote this post on our blog  - Great Reads for Women in Events 

What's this 5G Thing All About?

Oct 5G

Everyone has been talking about 5G and how it will be a major game changer - but what does this really mean to you and your events?

Slow WIFI is always a huge attendee complaint and there's a chance 5G could impact this.

There's also talk of 5G having a postive impact on some experiential event features like AR, VR, AI and live streaming.

But what's the reality of this happening anytime soon? Read more in this article. 

LInkedIn Events

Oct Linkedin Events

LinkedIn has relaunched their events platform and this summary from Julius Solaris offers a great summary and overviews opportunities for meeting planners.

Read all about it here.

Do you have a point of view on this? Join the debate here.

Girl Power

Oct Women

We. Love. This. Article.

Why are so many movies and shows set to display women as arch rivals? That doesn't have to be the reality.

The Girls Lounge (now the Female Quotient) was formed 6 years ago to connect female entrepreneurs. They share their learnings in this article.

Event Lighting Ideas

Oct Lighting Ideas

it's the time of the year when everyone is talking about trends and looking for new ideas. Hello Endless has a few super cool examples of lighting used at events. You can see them here.


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