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August Highlights from Around the Web


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We're sure you have a great list of event industry influencers that you follow on social media. But getting through all the tweets and posts that come your way can become overwhelming,

To help you along, we pulled together a few of the best posts we saw on the web last month. We hope this quick summary will give you some great inspiration, and maybe even help you uncover someone new to follow!

F&B Tips and Cost Saving Considerations

Event Food and Beverage Cost Savings Tips

In event planning, generating a return on your investment is always the goal. The first step is to start with your budget, taking into consideration everything from AV to your food and beverage. To help get your F&B costs under control, and for some great tips, check out this article including ways to cut costs.

Event Marketing Channels

Event Email Marketing

How many times have you heard that email marketing is dead or dying? Most statistics say otherwise. While a combination of tools are required to market your event, email marketing is usually found to be one of the most effective strategies used by event professionals.

Event Email - Subject Lines

Event Email Marketing Subject Lines

Speaking of email marketing... while the content you send is really important, don't overlook your email subject line. This will make the difference of whether attendees actually open and see that content! This article shares great examples of subject lines to send before and after your event. 

Event Activation Ideas

Event Activation

BizBash does a great round up each week of experiential activations and sponsorships. These may not be the exact fit for your event or perhaps they are beyond your means (or maybe not), but they are great food for thought that can help you brainstorm new ways to do a step and repeat, as an example from this recent post.

Trade Show Trends

2019 Trade Show Trends

Corbin Ball is a great source of overall event trends and in this most recent article he shared insights on trade shows. From award-winning booths to technology used by sponsors, you can read it all here.


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