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Are You Overlooking Your Event's Audiovisual Planning?


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You’re finally ready for the huge event you’ve been planning for months. You’ve locked in your vendors, speakers, and sponsors. You have a full agenda of entertaining activities and a ton of attendees who can’t wait to be a part of the excitement.

Best of all, you’ve decided to utilize a mobile event app to help create amazing content, add fun to your activities, increase your attendees’ engagement, and thrill your sponsors and vendors. You’re primed and ready to go.

But are you overlooking a simple step that could have a dramatic impact on your event?

Behind every awe-inspiring event, you’ll find solid audiovisual planning, thorough preparation, and a dedicated audiovisual (AV) team. Poor AV management can ruin your event and overshadow all your hard work.

Here are a few reasons you should take the time to plan your audiovisual strategy:Audiovisual Strategy Planning

     -AV issues can destroy the flow of your event

     -Technical problems can infuriate your                             presenters, vendors, and sponsors

     -AV problems undermine your credibility and                 professionalism

     -Your AV equipment is the backbone of your                   event

     -Poor sound and video quality impairs the delivery of your content

Your attention to AV details could be the difference between extreme frustration and overwhelming pride in your event.

What Are the Most Common AV Components?

“AV equipment” can represent a lot of different items. But no matter how small, each piece plays a critical role in the success of your event.

Typical AV equipment required for large events can include:

     Meetings and events AV Components-Power strips and extension cords

     -Monitors, TVs, and remote controls

     -Wi-Fi routers and modems

     -Hand-held and headset microphones

     -Projectors and laptops

     -USB, HDMI, and hardline CAT5 cables

     -Speakers and music players

While simple, these pieces of equipment form the AV framework for your event. Unfortunately, this list also represents the pieces of equipment event planners most often overlook when the day of the big event arrives.

You can enhance your AV equipment with more advanced technology, like:

     -Wireless beacons

     -Wearable technology

     -Switcher boards

This type of equipment is more specific to your event and can encompass a wide array of technological features.

From simple to complex, you need to have all the necessary equipment in place and develop a strategy to manage your AV processes during your event. Failing to create a plan can lead to disaster and a venue full of unhappy attendees, vendors, presenters, and sponsors.

Should You Hire Additional AV Help for Your Event?

We’ve yet to meet an event planner who complains about having too much time on their hands during an event. I’m sure you know the feeling. Event day is hectic. It’s the all-or-nothing culmination of your perseverance, preparation, and planning.

So why would you want to layer in the added responsibility of managing your AV setup and troubleshooting technical issues? It’s time to bring in some backup.

Using AV reps or a production team can improve your event and AV management by:

    Meetings and events Wi-Fi and bandwidth requirements -Assisting with Wi-Fi and bandwidth requirements

     -Troubleshooting event-day issues and making             adjustments

     -Helping with microphone checks and sound                 quality

     -Setting up and breaking down AV equipment

     -Providing expert advice on equipment                             requirements and cost control

You can’t do everything on your own. Utilizing a professional or dedicated team to manage your AV equipment will help you save time, prevent unnecessary headaches, and deliver better content to your audience.

If you can’t delegate your AV responsibilities, make sure you dedicate the appropriate amount of time to your AV plan. It will help you avoid preventable issues the day of your event.

 How to Handle AV Issues the Day of Your Event

As an event planner, you know that Murphy’s Law reigns supreme. Whatever can go wrong, probably will go wrong during your event. This law is especially relevant when you’re dealing with AV equipment. You can take steps to make everything run smoothly, but more than likely, hiccups will happen.

When they do, the best event planners are prepared with a backup plan to keep their event on track. Here are a few ways to prepare for unexpected AV difficulties:

    Meetings and events hardline connection setup -Set up a hardline connection for all your                           equipment in case your Wi-Fi goes down

     -Plan to use your hotspot availability on your                   phone if you don’t have a hardline available

     -Be prepared to print paper copies for                               presentations, flyers, and agendas

     -Ask your presenters to create offline versions of           their content, like PowerPoint slides

     -Provide backup microphones, projectors, and               monitors to your presenters

The name of the game is flexibility. You need to have backup plans and be able to adjust on the fly when an issue arises with your AV equipment.

Thankfully, if you follow our guide and the advice above, you can minimize the likelihood of AV difficulties so you and your attendees can enjoy everything your event has to offer.

In Conclusion

Create an event your attendees, vendors, and sponsors will never forget. Use your AV planning and event app solutions to improve your business, maximize your efficiency, impress your audience, and get the most out of your event dollar.

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