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Overcoming Event Planning Obstacles With Gamification Apps


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Organizing a large event is hard work. Between vendors, marketing, venue operations and attendee needs, you’ve got your hands full. You’re great at what you do, but it’s always nice to have a little help along the way. Thankfully, technology has evolved to the point where you can use event gamification to overcome the most common event-planning obstacles.

Here are a few of the issues you may come across while planning your event, and how using digital gamification can make your life easier.

Your Attendees’ Engagement Drops as Your Event Progresses

Declining engagement is one of the most common issues during a multi-day event. Everyone’s energy is high on day one, but life distractions pull them away from your plans as the hours and days progress.

Event gamification apps help you keep your attendees engaged and begging for more each day. As the organizer, you can create games, challenges or quizzes to keep the energy of your event high. Participants and vendors will get more out of your event when they take in everything your venue has to offer and participate in all the activities you have planned.

Your Events Suffer From Poor Energy Levels Related to a Dull Atmosphere

While your event needs to serve a meaningful purpose, there’s no reason it has to be too formal or business-like. Event gamification apps help you achieve your event goals while creating an entertaining and lively environment for your attendees.

Digital gamification helps participants network, absorb valuable content, and reach short-term goals. When your attendees are interacting with each other and the features you’ve planned for them, it creates an electric atmosphere everyone will talk about for weeks or months after your event.

Don’t settle for ordinary. Add value and entertainment to your event using digital event gamification.

Your Vendors and Sponsors Are Dissatisfied

The vendors and sponsors for your event have one goal in mind. They want to get as much exposure as possible for their product or service and generate as many leads as they can. If attendees don’t visit your vendor’s booths, don’t listen to their message, or act disinterested, you’ll have to deal with an unhappy group of vendors.

When you use a digital gamification app, you can influence the behavior of your attendees. That includes pushing them to interact with your sponsors and vendors. For example, participants in a gamification activity could be awarded points for visiting your vendors. Each vendor could keep a QR code behind their booth. Attendees can scan the code for points once they’ve talked with the vendor. As a bonus, participants can earn points for answering questions about the product or services the vendor has to offer. These incentives ensure your attendees take in all the necessary information, and your vendors and sponsors receive the leads they’re after.

Networking at Your Event is Difficult

Attendees want to network at your event. They want to meet people with similar interests or job titles. Nothing is more satisfying for your attendees than making life-changing connections at your event or conference. While networking with strangers can be awkward and frustrating, event gamification helps you make it easier than ever.

You can design gamification activities to facilitate networking based on your custom criteria. Whether it’s based on interests, job titles, or geographic locations, you can set the parameters to meet the goals for your event. Participants earn points for connecting with other guests on their lists. You can add even more value when you incorporate wearable iBeacon technology to alert attendees when they are close to a potential match.

Take the hassle out of networking, and make your event a raving success with a digital gamification app.

You Receive Vague Feedback Related to The Success of Your Event

Organizing events is your business. Or at least it’s part of your responsibilities. To stay successful, you need to get better with every event you plan. Using feedback from your attendees is the best way to improve your current and future events. The standard method of collecting feedback is to use questionnaires at the end of your conference. The problem is, most people are ready to go home and don’t take the time to fill them out. Even if they do, it can take months to gain any usable insights from the surveys.

Once again, event gamification apps can provide an amazing solution to the problem above. Using an app, like the one offered by MeetingPlay, you can create games and challenges that encourage your attendees to answer a series of short questions during each day of your event. Not only will you receive feedback you can use for future planning, you can also make changes as your event takes place due to the immediate nature of the information. You can be certain that your attendees are happy, and that your event is a huge success.

Eliminate negative reviews before they happen. Incorporate digital gamification into your next event.

Your Attendees Are Missing Opportunities for Improvement

Among everything else that takes place at your event, you want your attendees to relate to the content available to them and learn something new. But it can be difficult to make your content the star of your event without creating a boring atmosphere.

Digital event gamification helps you get your message across with challenges and quizzes offered through the event app. When participants receive points for answering questions and interacting with vendors, their information retention improves. As a bonus, your attendees will have fun learning without even realizing it.

Make learning effortless with event gamification apps.

Your Event Attendance is Declining

Are you having trouble keeping your events full? Is your attendance declining year over year?

One of the best ways to keep your seats full is through word-of-mouth marketing. Digital event gamification helps you create an unforgettable event your attendees will love to share with others. When they discuss their amazing experience with friends and co-workers, your event is more likely to grow in popularity and attendance.

Imagine planning an event that goes viral on social media. Your guests enthusiastically share their unique experience and tell everyone about the featured games, challenges, and fun activities you planned for them. Even better, they tell everyone how they made valuable connections and improved their skills and abilities. 

Let your event attendees do the marketing for you. Maximize your attendance when you use digital event gamification.

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