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Use These Four Onsite Event Activations to Drive Event Engagement


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While event apps are essential to the modern attendee experience, we’ve noticed a recent trend in requests for onsite event activations that don’t necessarily involve an app. Often, these onsite activations help drive attendee engagement throughout the event journey, providing upgraded and unique experiences at the perfect time. Here, we’ve highlighted four useful examples.

Attendee Recognition wall

Recognition walls are a fantastic way to engage with attendees on both an individual and group scale. At MeetingPlay, we recently placed several large recognition walls (screens) throughout an event — and they were a hit. 

Attendees had beacons on their badges, so that once they stepped within range of the wall, their profile, photo and accomplishments were displayed on the big screen. Delight washed over guests as they walked into a new area and saw themselves and their distinctions on screen! The wall consistently displayed personalized and curated content, cycling through all attendees (even if nobody happened to be in range). 

Badges could also be scanned at the wall, to feature personalized content on the spot. Attendees stood, grinning, in front of their individualized display for a fun photo opportunity. 

Attendee Engagement Recognition Wall

Recognition walls also help make networking easier. As you know, networking is a huge driver for event attendees and we noticed how our walls served as a conversation starter. Guests viewing the screen had talking points for those within immediate range. We encourage you to incorporate multiple walls and screens placed throughout your event space.

There are other ways to incorporate these walls into your event, check out this post for more information.

Interactive wristbands

Do you remember how cool it was the first time you saw your friend’s digital wristwatch light up? There’s something so innocent yet alluring about wearing jewelry that can light up and change color. 

We recently used RFID enabled wristbands to generate booth traffic during our client’s trade show exhibition. A similar activity can be applied to engage attendees at your next event or trade hall. 

Our client had three separate booths at the show and we designed a challenge for attendees so that when they reached a new booth or stage in the challenge, their wristband changed color! Participants loved watching their colors change and enjoyed the playful and competitive aspect. Again, the wristbands also served as easy conversation starter. 

Have some fun brainstorming how to use colorful wristbands at your event and keep in mind that as an alternative to using RFID you can also have attendees scan in at each booth or event session.


Event KiosksMany of our clients have started asking for onsite kiosks, and for good reason. Kiosk are an efficient and pleasant tool for attendees. They can use a kiosk to register, receive agenda information and directions for where they need to be and when. 

Planners are also starting to use facial recognition in their kiosks. This feature is both interesting and effective as retrieving information is possible by simply walking up to the kiosk. 

Kiosks may also be used for some of the fun and fluffier elements of your event. Take advantage of the kiosk as a display of your brand or for entertainment. Best of all, these too may be an aide in networking as they can inform attendees when their peers are close by.

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Scavenger hunt

What better way to create a bond between attendees than to present them with a shared goal? Scavenger hunts have always been an effective way to engage and encourage collaboration. 

Of course, you can use your mobile event app to create an amusing hunt. However, we also suggest getting creative and planning a hunt that incorporates some of the onsite activations that we’ve highlighted above. 

For example, include a ghost profile on your recognition wall which contains the location of the next clue (or, with permission, sneak it into your CEO’s profile). Once your attendee finds the clue, their wristband can change from blue to green. Flashing a green wristband to a designated staff member will provide access to the location of the kiosk which displays their next clue. A completed hunt can generate a red wristband, which can be used to collect a prize or giveaway! It will take some planning but can be a gratifying experience for your team and attendees alike. 

How Can MeetingPlay help?

When planning onsite activations, don’t forget to consider your attendee’s expectations and use your overall branding and event goal as the root of your ideas. The most successful onsite event branding experiences will create a long lasting buzz that will keep your attendees coming back. 

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