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MeetingPlay Join Enables Large Group Collaboration at Virtual and Hybrid Events


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A big reason people attend live events is to learn from their peers and create community through idea-sharing. While networking and small-group collaboration are accomplished virtually through AI matchmaking, 1-on-1 video chat, and collaboration rooms, the event community continues to scratch their heads on how to successfully solve face-to-face, large group collaboration in a virtual or hybrid setting.

To host successful large group collaboration, MeetingPlay is excited to announce Join – a powerful session format that combines native live video and chat to enhance collaboration and communication.


Large Group Virtual Collaboration, Solved.

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Hosting too many participants on camera in a virtual breakout can actually distract from the goals of the session. Important individual contributions may go unnoticed and keeping conversations on-topic can prove challenging even for experienced moderators. In other instances, event organizers may wish to spotlight specific individuals in front of their peers but don’t have an effective way to do so.

MeetingPlay’s native Join feature gives every session participant a voice and ensures individuals with great ideas are brought to the forefront of the conversation. With Join, it’s easy to host real-time virtual collaborative sessions with up to 250 participants in an organized, engaging way.


How Join Can Work For You.

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Moderate Group Video and Audio

In a Join session, attendees can raise their hand to express their wish to go on-camera. Moderators can bring individual participants on-camera to interact via live video, ask questions, and share their ideas with the members of the group. Although there may be many participants, each person has the opportunity to feel connected and be seen as a valued member of the session. If attendees are uncomfortable being brought on camera, they can still actively participate and collaborate with the live chat and Q&A features.

Create Group Notifications, Instantly

Need to make an announcement or get an important message to all your participants at the right time? With Join, moderators can create new notifications for all session participants and include external links.

Collaboration Possibilities are Limitless

From sales kick-offs to new product trainings, leverage MeetingPlay Join to deliver productive large-group breakout sessions at your Virtual and Hybrid events. Large groups can now collaborate effectively and share diverse, game-changing ideas. Some creative ways our customers are using this exciting tool at their virtual and hybrid events include:

  • Awards ceremonies at sales kick-offs – Bring award winners on camera to accept their award in front of their peers
  • Open Q&A – Monetize your KOL sessions with upgraded passes to open Q&A sessions with key presenters
  • Contests and virtual hackathons – Bring your attendees on camera to showcase their ideas and solutions in front of the judges


Have an idea for using MeetingPlay Join for large group collaboration? MeetingPlay can help you create a customized session to meet your specific event goals. Speak with a MeetingPlay expert today.


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