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12,000 Miles Won't Stop Us - MeetingPlay Travels to the Edge of the World (and back) For Clients!

Blair Pettrey

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From Chincha Alta, Pero to Siem Reap, Cambodia there are approximately 12, 434 miles.

From Cuenca, Ecuador to Subang Jaya, Malaysia there are approximately 12.420 miles.

From Washington D.C., USA to Perth Australia there are approximately 11, 570 miles.

 And yet no matter where your event may be – MeetingPlay has travel directors that will be there to help you truly rock your event! Our travel directors can on any typical week be in 5 different countries – whether it’s helping an event in Saudi Arabia, Oslo Norway, New South Wales, Australia, or even down the street in good old Washington D.C., our travel planners do and see It all.

 In fact, Travis, one of MeetingPlay’s travel directors sums up what he does as a travel director for us, pretty well:

 “I left San Diego on the morning of July 24th and landed in Singapore 26 hours of flight time and 16 hours of time difference later on the morning of the 26th. Now, I'm about to fly out to Sydney in a few hours, then Bengaluru on the 10th, Tokyo on the 15th, and Beijing on the 20th, before heading back to the U.S.A. on the 26th. Each stop has me working three days doing IT and event management for a fortune 500 company... mostly I talk to people, manage the technology, and make sure everything runs smoothly... it's a great company and product, so my job is generally easy to execute…”

 So whether your next event is in Jacksonville, Florida; Oslo, Norway; Sydney, Australia or anywhere else around the globe - you can feel confident that MeetingPlay’s travel directors will help you execute your event’s mobile engagement app, set up your 10ft x 20ft social walls, your event registration kiosks, and so much more - all while bringing you the industry's best customer service experience!

 Travis is just one of our many travel directors that travel the globe for us, looking to join a team that travels over 50,000 miles a year? Click here to learn more about careers at MeetingPlay!