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    How MeetingPlay's Dedicated Account Managers Help You

    Having a dedicated Account Manager is one of the (many) things MeetingPlay clients appreciate when working with us. But what exactly makes our Account Managers so valuable? We wanted to answer exactly that!

    Here’s what you can expect from our Account Managers:

    1. They get it.

    Account Managers at MeetingPlay are tasked with understanding the role of the event professional - seeing their challenges, understanding their goals, and being able to think like an attendee. This ensures that the right features are being utilized within event apps, that potential issues are avoided, and that the goals are met from all aspects – both from the event professional’s point of view and the attendees’.

    Additionally, Account Managers must be able to help the event professional towards the path of success and truly ‘winning’ their event or meeting, utilizing the many solutions and features that MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps and event technology offer.

    MeetingPlay provides dedicated Account Managers for a multitude of purposes - but at the end of the day, one of the biggest causes for gratitude is that when in doubt, event professionals aren’t just calling a general support line; they are able to have a direct line of communication with someone who truly knows their event and is able to help ensure its success.

    1. A Strong Project Manager

    One of the hats that MeetingPlay’s Account Managers wear is that of a project manager.

    Working directly with the sales team, Or MeetingPlay’s Account Managers are briefed and made familiar with the client’s event, ensuring that they understand the client’s goals and needs.

    The Account Manager creates a plan for the development and execution of the event app, making sure that all deadlines are met both internally and externally. Your Account Manager is the key to ensuring that every step is completed on time and all components are functioning appropriately, from initial design to launch.

    As the direct line of communication between MeetingPlay clients and our team of developers, Account Managers ensure the success of their clients’ event apps.

    1. A Technical & Product Expert

    MeetingPlay’s Account Managers are true product experts. They know each and every feature we offer, what it does, how it works, and why and when it is the right solution for meeting goals.

    They can list off the what’s, the how’s, and the functions of every feature MeetingPlay offers. They understand the value and importance that event technology can and does play across many different industries - and how it’s essential to be able to match our solutions with your goals.

    1. An Innovator - Idea Creator

    When MeetingPlay rolls out new solutions and features, our talented Account Managers are right there learning the power and capability of each one. They grasp the value of each and every feature MeetingPlay offers and what it can bring to the world of events.

    We have launched thousands of event apps, and each one is unique. Our Account Managers have seen and done it all and will put our best practices to use for you, as well as create compelling and inspiring ideas to bring the results that event planners are tasked with.

    1. Someone Committed to Results

    MeetingPlay’s Account Managers are committed to the success of each and every mobile event app they manage for our clients.

    They lead the way in increased app adoption rates, they help clients understand the very best features that will help them meet their goals, and they are on call during the live event to ensure that if any questions or situations arise, clients have help immediately.

    They are the ultimate results drivers!


    When we originally came up with the list of duties/titles that Account Managers at MeetingPlay fulfill, our list continued on and on, because they truly do that much.  They are the go-to for us as a company, and for our clients - and we value and appreciate every Account Manager. We look forward to having them help you with your next event’s technology needs!

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