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5 Ways MeetingPlay's Dedicated Account Managers Make Your App More Successful

Blair Pettrey

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Once you’ve worked with one of our account managers, you’ll never want to launch another event app without one. You can expect your AM to be by your side from the start of our partnership through the post-mortem. But what exactly makes our account managers so valuable? Let’s take a look at five ways they make such a big difference.

1. Your experienced co-pilot

Many account managers are former planners themselves. They already understand the challenges you face as an event planner, and will take the time to better understand your specific goals.

Event App Dedicated SupportThey know that the attendee experience is what drives a successful event, and an engaging experience requires a strategy. Your account manager is an expert on our technology and will work with you to strategize, develop and execute an event app that creates a strong connection to your audience. We’re in it together! Your AM is your right-hand woman or man and direct line of communication on general questions and technology questions alike.

2. A product expert on the team

As true product experts, account managers are well versed on every feature you might want to include. But they’re not just suggesting any feature — their expertise is in understanding which features will be perfect for your event. Your AM will work with you to craft a technology that is specific to your audience and your goals.

3. An effective project manager

MeetingPlay Dedicated Account ManagerWith any technology product, it can be a challenge to create a realistic plan and keep things moving on the right timeline. There are a lot of moving parts and different teams involved! Your account manager will create a plan detailing the development and launch of your event app, ensuring that all internal and external deadlines are met. From initial launch to real-time use, your AM will serve as your direct line of communication to our MeetingPlay developers and will confirm that all components are functioning properly.

4. Someone who understands emerging tech

At MeetingPlay, we’ve launched thousands of event apps, and every one is unique. When we roll out new features, our account managers are part of the process — bringing the power and capability to life. Our account managers have seen and done it all and will put our best practices to use for you, as well as create compelling and inspiring new ideas to create the event you vision.

 5. Reliable and reachable

Event App SpecialistWe know that the days and hours leading up to your conference or event are going to be incredibly busy. We understand that last minute changes happen. Even during your most critical moments, we’re easily reached. You can expect your AM to offer you friendly support with a “can-do” attitude and solution.

How Can MeetingPlay Help?

If we were to write out everything our account managers do, the list would go on for days. They do so much, and they’re such an integral part of what makes MeetingPlay apps so successful. When you start working with MeetingPlay, your account manager is dedicated to your event’s success. We look forward to working with you!

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