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Managing Your Event's Social Media


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Social media is a powerful tool. We use social apps daily to develop personal connections, increase our professional development, and find entertainment. Social apps are woven into our daily lives and touch nearly every aspect of our routines.. The most successful event planners know how to leverage the impact of social media, use it to promote their event and build a following.

While MeetingPlay has you covered during your event with activity feeds that mimic social media sharing and social walls to display your feeds, we also want to help you manage your social media marketing outside of your MeetingPlay event app.

Here are some ways you can build a following, or use your existing audience to build awareness for your next event:Event Social Media Hashtags

1. Create a Hashtag 

Share the hashtag you’re using for your event on your own social media. Make it short and memorable, and related to your event experience, venue, speakers, or theme. As mentioned earlier, make it visible throughout your event and include it in all your written and digital communications. You can learn more about leveraging your hashtags here.

2. Use Multiple Channels 

Promote your event across all forms of social media you use, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You may have potential followers on one platform, but not on another, so spread your message as broadly as possible.

3. Create Groups and Pages 

Event Planning Social MediaCreating groups and pages is a great way to build a community and develop a following that extends past your event. These virtual gathering spots give you direct access to your audience so you can share updates, content, or your business news. Need help creating a Facebook event page? We’ve got your back. Learn how to create a Facebook page for your event here.

4. Update Regularly 

Having stagnant social media accounts is like hanging a “Closed” sign on your front door. If your followers don’t hear from you regularly, they’ll forget about you. Keep in touch with your audience regularly with updates, content, or questionnaires to stay front-of-mind with your audience.

5. Use Testimonials Event Planning Social Media

Few things in marketing are as powerful as social proof. When you receive a testimonial raving about your event, share it on your social media channels. Seeing other people talk about your event is more powerful than hearing you promote your event-planning successes.

6. Engage with Influencers 

Use your social media platforms to interact with industry experts or influential members of your community. It can help you educate your audience, strengthen your brand, and help you get recognized as a subject-matter expert.

7. Follow Up 

Use your social sharing momentum to keep the conversation going after your event is over. Use content and surveys to create marketing material, improve your processes, and strengthen your brand. You can read our seven recommendations for capitalizing on your activity feed and social wall after your event here.

In Conclusion

Social media is ingrained in your attendees’ lives. As such, social media marketing is a necessary tool that the most successful event planners know how to leverage. Use the tips above to promote your event and build your following.

And when it comes to your in-event activity feeds and social walls, MeetingPlay can help from start to finish. Find out how here.



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