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Five Reasons to Embrace Local Resources for Your Event


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Sourcing locally is a growing trend and one that will likely stick around. Our culture is on the upswing when it comes to caring for our health, environment and community, and embracing our nearby resources is one of the most effective ways to enhance all three. Read on to learn more about how working with local organizations will positively impact your event as well support the environment. 

1. Reduce costs

Just watch your Operations Manager or Finance team’s reaction when asked about how much you spend each year on sending and receiving all necessary materials to pull your events together. Supply chain costs add up and by shortening the actual chain and working with local vendors, less of your budget will be thrown into logistics. 

2. Greater control

Working locally enables strong communication as on-site visits with facilities and face-to-face meetings with managers are more realistic. You can see your moving pieces in action which may spark new ideas and/or allow you to address any concerns directly. 

3. Positive impact on community

Embrace local resources for events

Working with local partners and vendors is a fantastic way to stimulate community pride and boost the local economy. Attendees and customers are inspired when they learn that what they’re participating in or snacking on was made just around the corner. They’re more eager and willing to support local businesses. Plus, you can avoid contributing to unfair working conditions by receiving supplies from a local facility which should support local workers and fair labor regulations.

4. Positive impact on environmentlocal farms and orchards sourcing promotes biodiversity

This one is pretty straightforward. By reducing shipping and storage, you’re reducing harmful fuel emissions and energy waste. Furthermore, sourcing from local farms and orchards promotes biodiversity which enables healthy soil and prevents plant disease.

5. Increased profit

Attendees are willing to pay a bit more for locally sourced goods. Doing so also creates a sense of brand loyalty as supporting a place they have a personal connection with will last in their memory.  Increase profits from using local resources at events

Talk to friends, colleagues, loved ones and neighbors about local services and organizations to find out what worked for them and what might be best to pass on and why. Utilize social media to ask for recommendations or garner interest from local vendors directly. And, nothing beats seeing with your own eyes and tasting, trying or getting in on the action yourself. Carve out time to visit local farmer’s markets, fairs and community events and you’ll have your local collaborators in no time. 

How Can MeetingPlay help?

Don't forget to spread the word to your attendees, letting them know all about the locally sourced products at their event. Your event apps social feed is a great place to do this. If you want to take it a step further, you can set up some gamification activities to get attendees interacting with local vendors either at or near the event. Your MeetingPlay account manager can help you brainstorm ideas, reach out today!

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