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Leveraging Pre-Event Engagement During the Event & Beyond

Blair Pettrey

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As MeetingPlay CEO Joe Schwinger often says: “to be a good leader, you lead by influence.”

Event engagement doesn’t have to be hard – but it is something that has to be well planned and executed even before the event begins. Yes, event engagement begins prior to the day of your event.

What is Event Engagement?

What is event engagement? Event engagement is what drives your event. It is what motivates and encourages attendees before the event, it is what keeps attendees interested throughout your event, and it is what delights attendees after your event. 

Event engagement begins prior to your event

MeetingPlay is not just an event app company, and we’re not just an event registration company – we are a company truly focused on building live engagement solutions. One of the best ways we help our clients build engagement is through our unique pre-event engagement offers. Enter our Word Cloud.

Recently, we helped a premier client optimize their event’s engagement utilizing pre-event engagement techniques as well as our on-site event social wall feature.

Building Pre-Event Engagement Through Event Apps

Prior to our client’s event, they were able to utilize the mobile event app that MeetingPlay built for them to ask one simple question: “In one word, what does leadership mean to you?”

Attendees were encouraged to download the event app prior to the event, but keeping them engaged with a mobile event app in a world where our phones have a hundred other apps is never easy. By simply executing this call to action, attendees were effectively adopting the event app, as well as engaging with other event attendees, prior to the actual event.

Answers to “...what does leadership mean to you?” included example, influence, trust, and inspiration. From these simple one word answers, MeetingPlay was able to help our client build an event word cloud that was presented during the opening session of the event. Our client’s event word cloud presentation was then displayed across the presenter's board and their MeetingPlay social wall.

Leveraging Pre-Event Engagement

Pre-event engagement was encouraged through a simple question that allowed attendees to engage within the app as well as with other potential event attendees. The engagement continued on-site by showcasing their answers in an event word cloud, as well as on the event’s social media wall. Engagement continued afterwards by asking attendees, within our client’s mobile event app: “After attending our event, what one word does leadership mean to you?”.

In Conclusion

Engagement is an important part of every event. Event engagement entices attendee excitement, attendee networking, and mutual opportunities for deliverables to both the event host and the event attendee.  

Learn more about how MeetingPlay can help engage your next event through event social walls and event word clouds.

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