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7 Signs You Should Invest in an Event App


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Are you questioning why you need an event app? No matter what your event goals are — engagement, networking, revenue, etc. — an app will help you reach them. Apps have become an integral part of events for both planners and attendees, and as a planner, you want to jump on every opportunity to wow your guests. Here are seven signs you need to invest in an app for your next event.

1. You want to boost engagement

Engagement is a clear indicator that attendees are happy and invested in the experience. An app can be customized to encourage interactions between attendees, speakers and sponsors. It can be made even more personalized and fun with the inclusion of bios, chats, photo posting and gamification. If your events are starting to feel flat, an app can help liven things up.

2. You want to boost networking, too

Invest in event app and boost networking

We know that networking is a huge driver of event attendance. Every opportunity to make networking easier will pay off. Apps help with networking in many ways, but matchmaking is a particularly powerful feature. Rather than relying on chance meetings, matchmaking uses an algorithm to link attendees to one another before or during the event. Proposing a meeting and adding it to their calendar can all be done in one place.

3. You need more feedback

Importance of event appApps allow direct communication with attendees in real time and also make it easy for attendees to give input. Not only can you use an app for pre and post-event surveys, but you can also gather feedback during the event. Quick surveys are an easy and efficient way to track the success of your speakers, sessions and even food and beverages. A simple star rating system during the event makes a high response rate more likely!

4. You want to understand more about the attendee journey

With every event, we tend to have an idea of what an attendee’s journey will look like. In reality, their paths and areas of interest may differ from our vision. Using an app’s session check-in feature along with beacon technology to map “hot spots,” can help you gauge areas of interest.

5. You're ready to kiss printing goodbye

Have you ever attended an event where you’re handed an agenda, and then another document that shows all the changes since the agenda was printed? It’s ridiculous! For your marketing materials, agendas, attendee profiles: save paper, time, energy and money by including all of this information in your app. This is especially great for agenda changes that happen on the spot.

6. You want better data

It’s important to evaluate your event and learn what’s working and what isn’t. Event apps can help you track and measure everything from the app features themselves to your ROI. With live analytics, on-demand reports and post event reports, you’ll have a clear understanding for that post-mortem meeting with your team.

7. You're looking for ways to increase revenue

Increasing revenue in an event app

For many planners, event apps pay for themselves. There are many ways to sell sponsorships in an app, including banner ads, featured placement within the app and through social walls, gamification and enhanced listings. We recommend having a conversation with potential sponsors about their goals, and then getting creative and tailoring a plan specifically for them.

How Can MeetingPlay help?

These are just a few of the reasons to build an event app, and we suggest keeping them in mind as you explore your options. Here at MeetingPlay, we’re happy to guide you through the process and create the perfect app to help meet your goals. Check out our blog post to see if MeetingPlay is the right event app for you. And regardless of which app provider you partner with, be sure to consider these 7 Questions to Ask Before Implementing New Event Tech.  If you want to learn more and/or see what we’ve done for others, feel free to request a demo!

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