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How to One-Up Your Previous Years Events


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As the years of virtual meetings continue forward, it might seem daunting and difficult to keep ahead of the curve. When we started in this position in 2020, virtual meetings were relatively new to the eventing game. Event pros specialized in live and hybrid event options without all of the bells and whistles of a virtual event platform. There have always been options for video conferencing and voice chat, but never were they joined together in such engaging, insightful ways, with your ideas and your event tech partners. With higher than ever attendee numbers, the threat of virtual fatigue, and demanding stakeholders, how do you continue to raise the bar and one-up your own events in the future?

Let’s take a look at a few things to consider:


Analyze previous year’s data

This may seem like an obvious point, that the first step in determining your new event goals would be to see how you performed last time. But take it a step further than that.

Consider if your analytics were robust enough for your end goals. Analytics now:

  • Tracks engagements across platforms from mobile app check in to sessions added to schedule
  • Tracks how long attendees sat in sessions
  • Gives a visual representation of how many views and downloads on-demand content has

If your analytics were in-depth and you have this information, you’re in a great spot to learn what your attendees responded to and, alternatively, what they did not respond to nor enjoy. Based on this data, you can change the content of sessions that did not perform well, introduce new speakers and new content across platforms to keep your attendees engaging with content they actually want to watch.

If you don’t have as much data from previous events, that’s okay, too! You’re already on your way to leveling up from last year.

Without data, consider your overall attendee satisfaction score. Were your attendees using the chat boxes? Were they engaging in networking rooms and visiting your sponsor booths? Assess how your attendees spoke about the event afterwards with your sales teams or their point of contacts. Take those into consideration and build upon what they liked and what they voiced concerns about!


Event technology matters

Depending on your event goals and how you analyzed your data, you’ll be able to put forth a strategized plan of action for your event. By this point, you’ll know which features you will want in your tech, whether it’s virtual or hybrid.

For example: If your attendees did not engage in chats or polls, consider gamification this time around! Gamification has grown from a “click to get points” model into a robust beast, with options ranging from scavenger hunts to mini games in-platform. Or if your attendees did not collaborate with other attendees, consider an additional networking room session with an expert moderator adept at pulling in the audience questions and welcoming new ideas.

Event tech ranges from end-to-end event management software all the way down to best-of-service platforms, specializing in one specific need you have (ie: event registration website or graphic design). For more information on what event pros really want, take a look at our latest white paper on the subject! Here, you’ll learn what leaders in the industry look for in their own event tech so you can make the best, most informed decision, for your own events.


As the event industry navigates changes in the world alongside everyone else, making the pivot to virtual from a hybrid event might sound tough – it doesn’t have to be. While you’re leveling-up your event from last year, keep in mind government restrictions, new laws, and protocols that you may need to implement, and in case of an emergency situation, keep your event ahead of the curve with the ability to go fully virtual with the same, amazing tools you had in mind while in a live or hybrid model. Level-up your events from years past by combining your live and virtual audiences with hybrid connectivity. New features like Go Live! and enhanced chat and networking features create an environment of connection that your attendees want now more than ever.


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