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Your Guide to Working with Event Tech Providers


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You and your team are excited about your upcoming event and you’re on board with using an event platform and app to further engage your attendees. Now, you find yourself asking how to recruit vendors for an event. We’ve been there! Use our tips below to help you pin down the best provider and maintain a successful relationship throughout the app building and event planning process. 

how to recruit vendors for an event

Do your due diligence before scouting

Get the most from your initial meetings with potential providers by being able to explain your event platform and app needs and overall goals to the best of your ability. The more detail you can give about your event, the better. Come prepared with the following information:

  • OverviewDue diligence before Scouting

    • Name and theme of your event

    • Location

    • Dates

    • Projected number of attendees

  • Budget: It's helpful to share this information upfront to ensure the provider can work within your scope.

  • Previous experience with tech providers: You should be able to speak to your past experiences; share what worked, what didn’t and what you have in mind for your new provider.

  • Registration partner: Are you working with a third party registration system? If so, be sure to talk to your tech provider as it will help with aligning processes and expectations. 

  • Company overview: it may seem like common knowledge, but be sure your potential vendor understands if you’re working for an agency, corporation, association or special event. Furthermore, give them an idea of your company’s mission and brand.

  • Drafted run of show: Complex agendas, serving sessions, types, tracks, tabs, and sub-tracks all need to be communicated in the conversation with your provider. All speakers, sponsors and exhibitors should also be noted.

  • Assets: Will you want your attendees to be able to download or access documents or graphics on the spot, before, or after your event? This too, should be discussed in your meeting. 

Working relationship

Each working relationship will be a bit different from the next. Here at MeetingPlay, our Account Managers will work with you to build a customized platform and app for your event. We spoke with our AMs about what works best in our client/planner partnerships — once you've determined how to hire vendors for an event, check out these thoughts below on how best to work with your provider. 

Open and timely communication

We’re all busy, all of the time. Be upfront with your vendor about your expectations as well as theirs. This includes their turnaround expectations. If they have questions that need answers, how quickly will you be able to respond? If you don’t have the answers they’re looking for and need more time, let them know. We also suggest designating one person from your team as the point of contact. 

Respect timelines

how to hire vendors for an eventProject and account managers put a great deal of effort into creating timelines that will keep your event on track and meet all of your goals. Be sure to review the timeline as soon as it comes through. If there are concerns, red flags or apparent obstacles, communicate them to your vendor. Knowing upfront will put everyone in a much better position than finding out the day a project is due. 

Keep in mind that every deadline is part of a bigger puzzle. If one item is pushed back by a week, it could push every other item back by a week as well. 

Provide usable content

Provide Usable ContentThere are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to event planning and building a successful platform and app. Guest lists, agenda details, templates, guest speaker photos and bios... the list goes on. Make sure that everything you pass off to your vendor has as much information as possible before hitting their inbox. For example, rather than sending 20 different biography emails, compile all bios into one zip file before sending. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your content is at least 80% complete before sharing it with your vendor. Doing so will save time, create less mess, confusion and unnecessary back and forth. 

Honor your contract

Make sure you know what you’ve paid for. While you shouldn’t expect additional features for free, you should also make sure your provider is meeting your needs. If unexpected features need to be added late in the game, a rush fee may apply. If you’re uncomfortable with added fees, talk to your AM or point of contact about alternative solutions. 

Be open to feedback

This tip is especially helpful when working with our Account Managers here at MeetingPlay. Our AMs have created many successful apps and know what makes for an engaging attendee experience. If your idea needs a little tweaking, hear us out. 

How Can MeetingPlay Help?

Use these guidelines to help you hire vendors for an event, create a smooth process from start to finish, and create an experience that leaves everyone wanting to work together next time! To understand more about the event platform and app design process, check out this post on what to expect as you build out an app. And as always, if you want to talk about how to attract vendors to your event, and how to work best with them, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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