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How to Choose Gamification Apps for Events


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Nearly every moment of your day involves technology. You use digital apps to plan your agenda, connect with others, stay organized and find entertainment. Not only has technology become a part of everyday life, you expect it to be a part of everything you do.

Your attendees feel the same way about the events you plan. The event-organizing world has changed. While you can create an event using manual games and icebreakers, you’ll undersell your venue and disappoint your attendees. Technology enhances the experience of your guests, while also helping you to stay organized and run an efficient operation.

If you’re on the fence about event gamification for your event, here are five benefits of using digital gamification apps for your event to help you decide:

1) Digital Gamification Can Help You Save Time – Managing manual gamification activities is tedious work. You need to dedicate part of your workforce to oversee challenges, tally points, compare results and organize winners. Digital event gamification apps do all the hard work for you. You’ll be able to focus more on your event while the technology handles the logistics of the games. Your attendees and vendors will receive all the benefits of gamification without placing the burden on you to manage it.

2) Your Attendees Are Already Using Digital Devices – It’s difficult to keep attendees focused on your event. Laptops, phones, and tablets provide an easy distraction for your guests. So, instead of trying to pull your attendees away from their technology, why not use their existing devices to enhance your event and create more engagement? Participants receive all the benefits of the gamification activities, without being pried away from their technology.

3) Technology Makes Networking Easy – Manual activities and games only allow participants to network with people in their physical group. But using a digital gamification app for events makes networking easy and effective.

For example, we can use a matchmaking algorithm within our app to match attendees to their potential connections. Once you define the criteria used for connecting participants, we can present those matches as part of a game or activity. A digital app presents more opportunities for networking and removes the awkwardness of approaching someone you don’t know.

4) You Receive Real-Time Feedback With a Digital App – Some gamification activities are designed to provide you, the organizer, with feedback on your event. Questionnaires and quizzes give you visibility on the strengths and weaknesses of your event based on your attendees’ feedback. If you collect the data manually, it could be weeks or months before you can compile the data and draw any useful conclusions. Digital platforms give you real-time feedback so you can adjust your event while it’s still live.

5) You Can Combine Gamification With Other Digital Features – It’s one thing to use a digital gamification app to collect data and provide goal-driven activities for attendees. It’s a different experience when you provide each guest with a customized platform for your entire event. You can combine activities with user profiles, event alerts, sponsor information, social sharing and customizable features, all on a single digital platform. Your attendees, sponsors, and vendors receive white-glove service from a single digital source.

In Conclusion

Give your attendees the experience they expect. Enhance every facet of your event with a digital gamification app. 

Reach out to us today. We’re happy to answer how to best use gamification apps for events.


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