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Happy Valentine's Day from MeetingPlay's #EventProfs

Blair Pettrey

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Working at MeetingPlay, you interact, encounter, and become part of a group of quite diverse individuals. What is great about our group however, is the many opportunities to enrich ourselves, our clients, and the many event technology products that MeetingPlay produces each and every day (like our amazing 3rd generation of mobile event apps). 

When we paused and thought about what we loved most about working at MeetingPlay, we each shared a brief answer, that we wanted to share with others who may find themselves reading about our team members, our commitment to success, and the culture behind MeetingPlay.Valentines Day 2017

Happy Valentine's Day from MeetingPlay!

"Why do you love working at MeetingPlay?"

"As the CEO, I love the amazing people we have at MeetingPlay, and watching them prosper." - Joe Schwinger, CEO

"I love that I love what I get to do every day, and the team that I work with." - Lisa Vann, COO

"I love that MeetingPlay is fast-paced and there is always something new to learn and create." Jen M., Accounting

"I love working for MP because there is an authentic team approach to every project. Working with a great group of people in a positive work environment is key and MP definitely accomplishes that." Allie D., Account Manager

"I love the trust and empowerment that each of us are given - and that together we are all committed to making MeetingPlay a success." Blair. P., Senior Online Marketing Manager

"The people are great to work with – everyone pulls together to make things happen for the customer!" Lezlie R., Director of Client Management

"Being able to incorporate your ideas into multiple projects (all different) and having an effect on the final outcome." Jimmy B., Account Manager

"I like working for MeetingPlay because we have a great office family and the travel is fun too!" - Robert M., Project Manager

"Because I receive compliments on my outfits every day by my staff and the delivery guys... and because I get to be part of an exciting, growing team where I am encouraged to learn and develop myself as well!" - Jake H., Travel Director

"Comfy Laps." - Athena, Office Cat

"Independence. The Team. Innovating." - Veronica F., Graphic Design

"I love working here because the company is growing and as a result there are great opportunities for me to grow as an individual." Jason M., Web Application Development

"There's never a dull moment. Whether I'm working in the office or traveling for an event, I'm always learning new and exciting things about the event management world!" - Sarah B, Account Manager

Interested in learning more about what MeetingPlay's careers in event technology can be like? MeetingPlay is expanding, and we want to add you to the team! Want to learn more about the most engaging mobile event app and join the team?

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