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Happy Father's Day!

Blair Pettrey

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Whether in the events industry, or any industry – there’s a multitude of ways professionals can relate to fathers:

1. Priorities 

 Often times fathers must learn the difficult challenge of prioritizing their tasks. Some days one thing outranks the other – whether it’s a soccer game, ballerina recital or running to New York for a last minute business trip to – the ultimate sacrifice in everything they do, is to give back (in their case, to their families and children).  

2. Tell a Good Story

Every event is a story waiting to be created and having the awareness to tell a good story helps not only perfectly plan and execute the perfect event – but it also helps create the perfect opportunity to tell a fairytale or two at nighttime that happen to be shark tank worthy lessons for the future .

3. Empowering Others

The best fathers make the best business owners. Why? Because they believe in more than just themselves. They value the power of helping others grow, learn and execute change and opportunity – very similar to fathers empowering and helping their children grow and learn. Father’s (and business owners of any variety) know that they can’t do everything alone, and that universal trait helps them both in business and in family.

There truly is a multitude of ways in which event professionals and businesses in general can learn and grow from great father, and today from MeetingPlay to all Fathers:

Happy Father’s Day!