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    3 Situations Where Group Gamification is a Must

    There are times when you’re planning an event with the sole purpose of bringing people together. While this is typically a part of any event planning, certain situations call for an intense focus on team building.

    So how do you create an environment that facilitates collaboration and connects groups based on your desired criteria? While you may be familiar with event gamification activities for individual participants, you may not be aware of gamification apps designed for teams.

    Group gamification is the newest trend in the world of event planning. Rather than participating as individuals, you can group attendees into teams based on your custom requirements. Teams engage in activities designed to foster team building, networking and idea sharing. When you need to build cohesive teams, group gamification offers the perfect solution using a simple app.

    Here are three situations where digital group gamification makes your life easier:

    Corporate Reorganization

    Corporate reorganizations can be stressful and chaotic. To make them successful, your employees need to:

    • Become familiar with their new responsibilities
    • Learn information related to their new scope of work
    • Collaborate with new team members and coworkers

    It seems like a steep hill to climb. Thankfully, event gamification can help you smoothly address each of the actions above.

    Activity participants can be grouped based on your new organizational structure. From that point, each team can earn points for learning new material, making introductions, becoming familiar with new responsibilities, and achieving team-oriented goals. Whether it’s a game of bingo, a list of quiz questions or a scavenger hunt, digital gamification apps can help you create a positive environment and facilitate a smooth corporate transition.

    Team Restructuring

    It’s time for a shakeup. Your sales or operational processes are stagnant. You need to form new teams to generate fresh ideas and jumpstart your organization’s energy. How do you take care of all these changes with one meeting? That’s right; digital event gamification is the answer.

    Like a corporate reorganization situation, event gamification can help you facilitate change and bring new groups of people together. As a bonus, the energy and fun you create at your event can carry over into the day-to-day operations following your event.

    You can also use the event and gamification platform to generate new ideas. Teams can present ideas on:

    • Sales generation
    • Product ideas
    • Process improvements

    Once each team has presented their ideas, other audience members can use the gamification app to vote on their favorites and select a winner.

    Your teams will mesh while you get the benefit of fresh ideas and renewed energy.

    Regional and Global Alignment

    Imagine you’re planning an event that will bring together team members from distant regions or countries. You want to connect your attendees with one another based on specific criteria, like:

    • Job responsibilities
    • Personal interests
    • Geographic location

    Once again, digital event gamification apps make it easy for you to promote networking and increase idea sharing.

    Custom activities and challenges allow you to facilitate strategic connections and encourage information sharing. Participants can earn points for connecting with others and developing processes that benefit your organization.

    If you’re looking to add even more fun, you can incorporate wearable iBeacon technology into your event. When participants are near connections you’ve created for them, they can be alerted. iBeacon technology makes it easier to find connections and eliminates the awkward feelings typically associated with meeting someone new.

    In Conclusion
    Regardless of your situation, digital event gamification apps are a great way to bring people together and create a positive team-building environment.

    Contact us today so we can help you build solid teams.

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