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Google, iOS 10, iPhone7 & Mobile Event Apps

Blair Pettrey

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When Apple officially launched their iOS10 software update, there was a lot of confusion about what it meant for event and meeting planners. From whether there were additional last minute requirements needed for event apps that were built with a previous version of iTunes and iOS in mind, to whether if new event apps would be as easy to find.

Then came the launch of Google’s Google Allo and Google Duo – and the effect that these would have on event professionals and mobile event apps as well.

Committed to the success of events and making sure all event professionals are at ease, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we’ve been asked in regards to mobile event apps for iOS and mobile event apps for Android since the launch of new software’s and apps:

1. Will my mobile event app be compatible with Apple’s iOS 10?

The answer is yes! All event apps that MeetingPlay builds will continue to work seamlessly across devices – including devices that run different operating systems than each other.

2. Will there be any specific changes as to what features my mobile event app can have with iOS 10?

While iOS 10 apps can be more ‘home screen friendly’, the majority of iOS 10’s feature do not directly reflect updates to apps, but rather updates to the functionality of iPhones and the users experience.

However, MeetingPlay’s soon to be launched Generation 3 platform for mobile event apps does include some amazing new features that we cannot wait to share. Just some of the new features include an event app experience that brings personalization in a way no other event app has, user specific and enriched content and experiences, private meeting scheduling, and more.

Stay tuned – this amazing need mobile event platform will WOW both event professionals and event attendees, completely revolutionizing how attendees interact with mobile event apps.

3. Will Siri work with my mobile event app?

Siri has always been capable of launching apps, including using Siri within mobile event apps. However, this is a custom feature, and one that requires additional developer hours. If you’re interested in incorporating Siri and app launching with your next event app, shoot us an email, we can explain the pros and cons of this event app feature.

4. Will live streaming be available for my mobile event app still?

The launch of iOS 10 only enhances user’s experiences when it comes to live streaming capabilities. MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps have and will continue to offer a premium live streaming feature in two ways – connecting with event professionals preferred third party live streaming services, as well as white labeling a custom live streaming experience directly within your mobile event app.

5. What is the advantage of Google Allo for my mobile event app?

We wrote extensively about what Google Allo means for event professionals and mobile event apps – but the gist is this: While there may be perks to what event professionals do with their team, MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps are already capable of any of the true perks including – peer to peer messaging, attendee matchmaking, and more.

6. What is the advantage of Google Duo for my mobile event app?

Again, we recently wrote about Google Duo and what this new live streaming feature means for event professionals and mobile event apps. In brief, MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps are already capable of live streaming events as a feature your event app can offer. If your event planning team relies heavily on Google Hangouts, we’re told there’s no fear of that leaving the market any time soon either.

7. How will iOS 10 and Google’s updates effect my event app reporting?

MeetingPlay’s real time event app reporting and analytics are top of the line, and with that came cross-device potential. Whether you’re on site and need to check the success of your event apps live poling, or your home office wants to check real time engagement or adoption rates from the mobile event apps admin, access will real time reporting and analytics will remain unhinged.

Additionally, with the soon-to-be launched MeetingPlay generation 3 platform updates, reporting and analytics are about to get even more robust, advanced, and amazing! Keep your eyes out!

With the unceasing commitment to providing the most engaging mobile event apps for our clients, MeetingPlay continues to stay dedicated to answer event professional’s questions about mobile software updates and their effect on mobile event apps. If you have a question – we’d be happy to answer it – get in touch with us today!