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Feature Friday: Up-Voting | MeetingPlay

Blair Pettrey

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As an event planner, do you ever want to get your attendees insight about something?  Maybe you want to know what areas of the conference could be improved for the upcoming year's event.  Perhaps you simply want to know what songs attendees want to hear during one of the reception's party.  Either way, you want insight from your attendees.  So, what if you could make your curiosity a fun and engaging part of your mobile event app?

Look no further!  Introducing Meeting Play's new feature, Up-Voting.  With this feature it allows you to ask a question and hear back from your attendees.  Even better, you can see which responses are most popular with your attendees by having them vote on responses.

Here's how it works:

You give us whatever question you are looking for the attendees to answer.  We put it in the Up-Voting feature and create a easy to navigate tab on the home screen and/or side navigation of the app.  When attendees click into it, they simply respond to the question.  Attendees also can view all of the responses and up-vote any number of them.  The page constantly refreshes and orders all of the submission in order of most votes to least.  Responses can also be pictures, opening up the options for how to utilize this feature.

With this versatile feature, how you decide to use it is totally up to.  Perhaps you want to crowd source  questions attendees want answered in a general session.  This is a great way to do that and then have your attendees decide on the top 3 that your speaker can then discuss.  Create a Win-Win with a photo contest.  Give attendees guidelines for the photo contest and then leave it up to them to upload and vote for the winner.  This will increase engagement for your attendees while it saves you tons of time having to look through all of the pictures for a winner.    Use it for valuable feedback to hear how this conference was or what attendees would want for the next year's conference.  Whatever you end up using it for, know that by creating engagement with your attendees creates data, which ends up giving you valuable insight!