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Don't be scared of Facial Recognition (at events)


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There’s been a lot of noise lately around facial recognition, namely about how invasive it is. Last year, major festivals came together to ban it. There have also been stories around using facial recognition to surveil people.  But there are major differences between these headlines and how facial recognition is being used at events. Facial Recognition can be used to provide a personalized experience for your attendees. It can also be used to more quickly get attendees through onsite check-in. So before you dismiss it, consider the following.

Facial Recognition at Events

Here’s how MeetingPlay uses facial recognition at our clients’ events:

Opt-in required

No event attendee is required to use facial recognition technology unless they want to and opt-in is required. There are always alternatives to this technology that can be used.. For example, if facial recognition is being used at check-in, we always offer the option of using ipad or desk check-in as well. It may not be as quick or personalized but it accomplishes the same goal.

Attendees aren’t being unwillingly tracked 

Tracking Attendees at EventsAs part of the opt-in process, you should also provide details on exactly how the attendee data is used so they can make an informed decision. This way, the attendee is aware of the technology being used and in control of whether they are involved. Further, there’s not some form of constant scanning taking place. An attendee has to take a specific step to initiate the technology.

Attendee data isn't stored

At the end of the event, all data is erased. It’s never stored.

How to talk to your event tech provider

Facial Recognition at EventsIf you are looking to use this type of technology, be sure you provider adheres to the same principles above. Here are some questions you can ask to help you have a productive conversation with your provider:

♦ Are there options for attendees to achieve the same result using other technology? Ie, if they don’t opt in to facial recognition are they missing out?
♦ We don’t want it to be required, do you have opt-in protocols that clearly state it is optional?
♦ How is it initiated at each step? Are attendees being scanned at all times?
♦ Can an attendee opt-out at any time?
♦ How do you collect attendee data for this technology and what do you do with the data you collect?

How can MeetingPlay help?

We've published many posts on facial recognition. If you want to learn more about the technology, give those a look. There are links pasted below. Want to see it in action? Take a look at this video.

We've done many events that have utilized this technology and we're happy to talk you through how it works, what you need to consider and whether it's right for your next event. Just drop us a line! 

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