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6 Articles Every #EventProfs Must Read This Week

Blair Pettrey

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One of the most stressful jobs is an 'Event Coordinator' - right under being an airline pilot, a firefighter, and a police officer.

Perhaps one of the reasons why is because of the multiple hats that anyone in the events industry is required to wear.

That's why every so often MeetingPlay shares helpful tips and tricks found from across the internet.

Make sure you check out these this week:

1. "Facebook announces ‘Community Boost’ local training sessions for SMBs and workers"- MarketingLand

 Facebook Community Boost

"Facebook has been holding half-day and day-long digital marketing training sessions (“Boost Your Business“) for small businesses (SMBs) over the past several years. Today, the company is announcing an expanded program for local businesses and workers called “Facebook Community Boost.”

The company says the intention is to “help US small businesses grow and to equip more people with the digital skills they need to compete in the new economy.” The program will be held in 30 US cities, including Houston, St. Louis, Albuquerque, and Des Moines, among others. It plans to involve local organizations to offer a range “digital skills training” and entrepreneurial advice." Continue reading here.

 2. "How marketers in 25 industries use call tracking to drive revenue from search" - SearchEngineLand

using call tracking for events

"When smartphone users run searches for businesses and engage with their digital ads and website, they often convert by calling. And those phone calls convert to revenue 10x more than web leads. Marketers must now take a data-driven approach to call conversions to optimize ROI. To do it, businesses and agencies are using call tracking solutions. Call tracking enables marketers to generate better-converting calls, decrease their cost per lead, personalize customer experiences and drive growth." Continue reading here.

3. "This Trend in Pricing May Change the Way You Think About Events" - EventManagerBlog

event pricing trends

"If you fly with any of the bargain airlines in the U.S. like Southwest, Frontier, United’s economy class, or Spirit, you likely had a decision to make when booking your flight. Pay extra for an assigned seat or pre-boarding or take your chances with seat selection. When they first began charging for pre-boarding, I thought they were crazy. I assumed people would understand that if no one purchased that option, they’d have to go back to making seat selection free." Continue reading here.

4. "How Often and When to Post on Social Media [Infographic]" - SocialMediaToday

how often to post on social media

"While quality content is the most important ingredient when it comes to consistent growth in your social media communities, knowing when and how often to post is also essential to ensure you reach your audience. For this infographic, the team at Adobe Spark searched the web and consulted with various experts to get the latest data and thinking on when to post to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. And while there are no definitive, perfect times to follow (as it's based on your unique audience), these notes provide a good place to start." Continue reading here.

5. "4 Ways to Shift Your Thinking to Truly Focus on Your Audience" - Content Marketing Institute

content marketing audience focus

"Instead of saying: “We’re going to target this audience.” Ask: “Who are the people we can help?” The notion of “targeting” an audience is like nails on a chalkboard. It sounds like an unwilling participant you want to coax using less than savory means. I don’t want to be someone’s target, do you?" Continue reading here.

6. "5 Benefits of Mindfulness for #EventProfs" - MeetingPlay

5 benefits of mindfulness for Event Professionals

"Event professionals work in a world of chaos where they are expected to be constantly on their 'A-game'. Usually, this means going into autopilot to accomplish tasks - but not being mindful of how. Think about it; how often does an event professional plan an event while wearing a thousand different hats and accomplishing a thousand different tasks? (Hint: probably every day that we are involved in the world of events!)" Continue reading here.

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