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How To Tell If a Speaker Will Be a Good Fit


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The right speaker will add a great deal of value to your event. The best person for the job will attract attendees, engage your audience, and offer education and inspiration that people can’t get anywhere else. Of course, even the most hard-to-get, A-list speaker might not actually be the best match for your brand or event. How can you tell if a speaker will be a good fit? Read on to learn how to find the right fit and book them for your next event.

Prepare first

Before you start researching and pitching, a bit of prep work in the following areas will set you up for success. Preparing to find an event speaker

  • Goals: Be sure you have a clear understanding of your overall event goal(s).

  • Audience: Not only do you want a grasp on your demographics, for example, age, lifestyle and social media activity but you also want to meet their expectations. How do you know what your audience wants? Ask! Check out our tips for pre-event survey questions.

  • Budget: Create a realistic budget for your speaker and don’t forget to add a bit of a cushion for unexpected add-ons. 

  • Purpose of speaker: What do you hope your speaker will bring? How do your ideas align with their passion and your overall event goals? It’s important to be able to communicate this to your prospects. 

Start researching 

Take the time to research the top talent in your industry and those who’ve presented at similar events. Even if these guest speakers seem out-of-reach, they will help give you an idea of what you’re looking for. Reach out to your network of colleagues and partners for referrals. Check out Youtube videos, TED talks and if possible, meet your potential speakers in person or see them in action! 

Event Speakers

You can also consider working with a third party agency to help you create your list. Remember that sometimes the best match may not be very well-known, but could still be compelling for your specific audience. A novice speaker might even work to your advantage as they’ll likely make a smaller dent in your budget. These types of speakers are usually found through personal referrals or word of mouth. 

Be mindful of specifics

Are you looking for a celebrity entertainer? A social media influencer? Perhaps a professor or an entrepreneur who will inspire your audience.

As you view past speeches and presentations, look for clarity in message and speech as well as knowledge, confidence and charisma. Does your prospect have a website with positive testimonials? Have they had repeat bookings? Do they keep your attention or are they unfocused? Take all of this into consideration. 

Open and honest dialogue

Working with Event SpeakersThe most effective way to tell if your speaker is a good fit for your event is to talk with them. Communicate the “preparation” bullet points we outlined above and take note of how their responses may or may not align with your needs. Find out what your prospect is looking to gain from the experience. Do they seem easy to work with? Are they willing to do more than just speak? For example, will they help promote your event on social media? Are they willing to participate in a Q&A or meet-and-greet before, during or after the presentation? Having a candid discussion will help paint a picture. 

How Can MeetingPlay Help?

Choosing the best speaker for your event is crucial. The right match will be a main driver of ticket sales and create an experience that will keep attendees buzzing for weeks to come. For more tips and insights for planners, subscribe to the MeetingPlay Blog and get regular updates sent right to your inbox!

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