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#EventProfs Staying in the Know - Round 3

Blair Pettrey

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Event professionals are known for being constantly growing, learning, and expanding their talents and awarenesses - and as always, MeetingPlay wants to help expand the journey. This Tuesday, we found these 9 websites are sharing great information to keep #EventProfs in the know.

1. How Two Meeting Professionals Find Balance

meeting professional balance

"Convene asked two meeting professionals to talk about how digital overload, burnout, and mounting workloads have affected their careers and lives."Read more on Convene.

2. 7 Learning Styles to Incorporate at Your Next Conference

learning styles to incorporate at your conference

"We all know that running a conference takes a lot of time, money, and energy. But running your conference so that you’ll get maximum engagement is a whole other level. So, what’s the trick? You need to remember to tailor your conference so it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” for your attendees!

In 1983, famous psychologist Howard Gardner published a theory of “Multiple Intelligences” stating that we need to stop evaluating intelligence by one standard method (e.g. standardized testing). Instead, he suggests that intelligence can be received and processed in a variety of styles. What does this mean for you? We recommend that you have a range of learning styles to meet the needs of your different attendees. As the conference organizer, you’ll want to create strong educational sessions to foster learning." Continue reading on MemberClicks.

3. Top 10 Things to Bring to Conferences

Top things to bring to conferences

"It can be very exciting to be able to attend a conference or a trade show. However after the adrenaline of excitement wears off, One can be easily overwhelmed. What exactly should you bring to make sure you are prepared for any and all the conference has to offer? Keep reading you will find my picks on the top 10 things to bring to conferences." Read more on the PostitPlanit blog.

4. 5 Takeaways from the PCMA Salary Survey

meeting planner salary survey

"The Professional Convention Management Association has released the results of its annual salary survey and there is a lot for meeting planners to celebrate in this snapshot of the state of the industry." Read the 5 key takeaways on at MeetingsNet.


event marketing 2017

"Event marketing is the promotion of a product, brand, or service through in-person interactions. There are many forms of event marketing and each can be catered to address a marketer’s specific goals. A company can host its own event, building stronger relationships with its prospects and customers. A company can attend an event as an exhibitor and introduce their product to potential clients. Online events, such as webinars or live streamed workshops, vary in scope and prove to be just as impactful as live events. Whatever the format, event marketing is a versatile and incredibly effective strategy that builds long-term value upon relationships with clients and partners alike." Read the full post at Bizzabo.

6. 10 Event Planning Traditions That Will Never Go Out of Style 

event planning traditions and styles

"Styles change but some things are eternal. They’ll always be fashionable because these event planning traditions have staying power. Check them out. Have you ever heard the phrase,”All old things are new again.”? It speaks to how everything comes back into style. But with these event planning traditions, they’ve never gone out and never will. Albeit, how they are defined is changing." Read more at EventManagerBlog.

7. How to Create Event Planning Proposals that Earn Trust

event planning proposal

"When you’re creating a proposal, think of it like an experience you’re designing for prospects. The more you can deliver exactly what planners want, and communicate it clearly, the easier it will be to move the conversations away from price and onto the value that your property can offer. The best hotel sales reps focus on the partnership with the client long before getting into the dollars and cents. But like any good partnership, you have to earn it. Here’s how you can do it by improving the proposal experience."

The best hotel sales reps focus on the partnership with the client long before getting into the dollars and cents. But like any good partnership, you have to earn it. Here’s how you can do it by improving the proposal experience." Continue reading on the socialtables blog.

8. 5 Reasons Why It May Be Time to Find a New Event Production Company

Is it time to find a new event production company

"As a meeting planner, you oversee lots of events for your association or company. The partner that you’ve been using for event production has been doing a perfectly fine job for several years. Deadlines are met, reasonably good work is produced, and most of your requests are fulfilled. You have no complaints from your event clients, partners, or attendees, and prices seem competitive.

Based on all that, it’s time for a change. What’s that we just said? Change? Why? Because in this business, “good enough” simply isn’t good enough. Here’s why...:Continue reading on

9. 26 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Event Professionals

must have mobile apps for event planners

"In the past, we’ve shared 29 Google Chrome Extensions for #EventProfs – and while MeetingPlay’s mobile event app can do quite a lot – we wanted to share our ‘other’ favorite apps for event professionals – aka 26 Apps Every #EventProf Needs to Install ASAP." Keep reading on the MeetingPlay Blog.