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What Does an Event App User Experience Look Like?


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A custom event app can be an amazing tool to help you plan unforgettable events, earn a better return on your investment, and fill your venue with excited attendees. You’ve read about the power of an event attendee app, and you know how valuable event technology can be for your business.

But you want to see it in action. You want to understand the experience of using an event app from the perspective of your attendees.

To help you get an idea of what it feels like to use our custom app, put yourself in the shoes of an attendee for a moment:

You’ve registered for a big industry event. You’re excited about the opportunities to network and improve your knowledge. Your excitement is justified. You downloaded the app a few days ago, and you’ve already scoped out the venue and agenda.

Using event app at the beginning of a meetingAs soon as you arrive, you register in seconds using your app and a simple QR code. You have a personalized profile, customized session track, and recommended networking opportunities.

After you settle in, you have more time than you expected due to the ease of the registration process. But you’re not bored. Your app has a mapping feature to help you find your way around, and fun activities that begin before the event even kicks off. You lose track of time as you earn points by checking in at certain locations and filling out customized questions about your interests.

As the event fills up, you begin to feel the nerves and excitement of making potential connections with industry leaders and peers. Your custom app already has a recommended list of connections based on your input, role, and experience. You know exactly who you’re looking for.

Suddenly, a notification pops up on your app alerting you that a connection on your list is nearby. You notice an industry influencer you’ve always wanted to meet standing within a few feet of you. You start to feel anxious as you try to think of a way to approach them.

But on this occasion, your app has simplified the networking process for you. Your connection also receives an alert and knows all about you based on your profile. They approach you, and you strike up an engaging conversation about your shared interests. Throughout the afternoon you continue to connect with other attendees without anxiety or awkward moments.

In addition to the valuable connections you’ve made, you’re having an amazing time. Your app continues to recommend sessions and activities for you as it learns your preferences. A few of the sessions you wanted to attend changed times, but you didn’t miss a beat. The event planner was able to send you notifications through your app alerting you of the revised schedule.

Throughout the remainder of the day, your event attendee app helps you:

-Navigate the event location using virtual maps
-Message and connect with other attendees
-Earn points for prizes using fun activities
-Connect with vendors using scannable QR codes
-Discover valuable content that directly relates to your interests

By the time the day wraps up, you can’t believe it’s over. You’ve had an unbelievable time, and you feel like you met every attendee and vendor on your list. You’ve made extraordinary connections while soaking up valuable content that will help you increase your expertise in your industry.

You’ve been engaged and invested in the event from start to finish, and you’re too

Keep it social with an event appexcited to keep quiet. The event app conversation wall allows you to share what a unique experience you’ve had at this event, and even post your thoughts directly to Twitter. You share information about speakers, sponsors, and the event organizers. You can’t wait to come back next year, and you’re sure to have more people to meet after the huge success of the event.

Does this sound like the type of experience you’d like to create at your event? Do you want your attendees, vendors, and sponsors raving about how fun and successful it was? While every event is different, the right mobile event app can help you create remarkable experiences, like the one described above, for your attendees.

And that’s not all. Mobile apps for events can also help you grow your business and get a better return on your investment.

Reach out to us if you’re curious how a custom event app can enhance your event planning. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

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