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Connect Your Hybrid Audience with MeetingPlay’s New “Go Live” Feature


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MeetingPlay “Go Live” is the first tool in the event space to connect the onsite live action to the virtual world. 

As events shift to hybrid, managing how your virtual and in-person attendees interact will be key to a highly successful and engaging event. Virtual networking is a useful tool for attendees and exhibitors, but it lacks the connection to the live audience. “Go Live” is the first of its kind and MeetingPlay’s newest hybrid product built to bridge the communication gap between your virtual and live environments. Say hello to Go Live, a feature perfectly fit for hybrid, found only at MeetingPlay. 

Go Live – Making Hybrid Happen 

“Going live” is a term many recognize from platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, but MeetingPlay’s “Go Live” is the first of its kind for an event mobile app. Go Live offers live video and audio for speakers to interact with their audience straight from their mobile device, from your live event!  

With Go Live, your virtual attendees will feel like they are a part of the in-person environment, having an in-depth, personal conversation with the speaker as they interact.  


Go Live for Speakers and Session Hosts 

Go Live MeetingPlay

When using Go Live, in-person speakers and influencers no longer need to leave the event’s mobile app in order to connect with the virtual and at-home audiences. 

Within the mobile app, your speakers can hop off stage and begin a Q&A session with the virtual audience from the click of a button. With Go Live, your speakers, influencers, and attendees, stay engaged and interactive on your event platform, preventing virtual fatigue and engagement drop-off.   

Your virtual attendees will be notified when a speaker goes live and can join the session, send in their questions, and get immediate answers from real people, in real time. 

Go Live creates a more engaging, interactive environment for your virtual guests, bringing your live speaker into the virtual space.  


Go Live for Exhibitors and Sponsors 

Go Live is also a feature exhibitors and sponsors will be able to leverage within their live booth by giving them an on-property connection to the virtual audience. Exhibitors and sponsors can host “Go Live” sessions straight from their booth to virtual attendees, answering product questions, business inquiries, and more.  

Go Live Promo Pic MeetingPlay

In addition, MeetingPlay’s advanced lead retrieval tools work with Go Live, connecting virtual attendees to exhibitors and sponsors. Exhibitors receive the lead’s information in real time and have instant access to advanced features like AI-powered “Hot Lead” recommendations and an integrated communication suite. Exhibitors and sponsors can leverage smart matchmaking to discover relevant leads in real time, rate a lead, and receive personalized recommendations instantly.  

Are you ready to take your in-person event to the next level? Go Live is the connection between in-person and virtual that you’ve been waiting for. Contact us today to learn more 

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