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Chrome Extensions & Apps #EventProfs Need

Blair Pettrey

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 We talk about mobile event apps and the importance of them all the time on our blog: how mobile event apps increase engagement, provide marketing opportunities, can generate revenue and more. Mobile event apps are great – but what about when an event professional is sitting down at their desktop or laptop ready to crank away?

Google’s Chrome Browser has a multitude of useful extensions and apps available for event professionals, and we at MeetingPlay wanted to share some of our favorites:

Apps for Event Professionals Needing to Focus:

  1. TrackingTime – Whether you’re tracking your solo time as a freelance event professional, oTrackingTime Logor your team needs a group time tracking too, this is a great tool to track time, with strong analytics and reporting to help keep event professionals optimizing their time. TrackingTime even has a Slack bot, integration!

  2. Noisli – Are you a pluviophilenoislinoi? Do you work best with headphones on – and white Noisli Logonoise blaring, trying to sound out the rumble of the open office, or do you love the ambient background noise of train tracks and coffee shops? Noisli helps keep event professionals stay focused by providing the sounds that help you stay engaged and focused, while tuning out the background.

Distraction Blocking Apps:

  1. StayFocusd – StayFocusd sums it up in one sentence: “Increases your productivity by Stay Focused Logolimiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites.”


  1. Forest - Stay focused, be present (this fun Google extension allows event professionals to Forest Logo for Event Professionals focus on the things that matter most, like mobile event apps, in a fun way. The more time you spend on the sites/web in the ways you define are ‘good’, your tree grows. If you wander off to ‘distraction’ websites, your tree can eventually die! Don’t let your tree die!)


  1. Hootsuite – We’ve shared the value of tools like Hootsuite and Buffer in the past – where Hootsuite Logoyou can schedule content to be shared across event social media pages at a later time. Hootsuite also lets you track what times event professionals’ posts receive the most engagement, helping them to optimize their social sharing schedules.


  1. Buffer – As we’ve mentioned, Buffer and Hootsuite are very similar tools. It’s probably a Buffer for Event Professionalsmatter of personal user experience that is the biggest component. As far as Chrome extensions however, Buffer and Hootsuite are both great scheduling tools – that allow you to schedule messages from any site, anywhere.


  1. Canva - There a million and one online graphic editors, and perhaps half of them are Canva for Event Professionalsavailable as apps and extensions for Google Chrome, but none quite compare to Canva. Not only does Canva have the most impressive pre-designed, easy to edit, layouts – but should event professionals choose to upgrade for $12.95 a month, you can magically recreate your designs in a flash, to match any other size image you need as well.

  1. Piktochart – If you need a more robust, but still easy and visually pleasant way to make
    Piktochart Logoinfographics outside of Canva, than Piktochart is every event professional go to Chrome app. Simple to use, no graphic design experience required – Piktochart is the dream of every #eventprof in a pinch!

  1. PicMonkey – Perhaps the easiest photo editing Google Chrome app for event PicMonkey Logoprofessionals, PicMonkey can be as simple as uploading a photo, and picking a filter – or as robust as event professionals want as well. (This is available as both a Chrome app and a Chrome extension)


User Experience:

  1. AdBlock Pro (Free) – What event professional wants to be annoyed with pesky popups, AdBlock Pro (Free) Logoand advertisements when they are trying to stay focused and get shi* done! AdBlock Pro is a Chrome extension that will stop the ads and the popups, allowing event professionals to see only the content they want.

  1. Adblock for YouTube – Ditto the above, but for YouTube! Event professionals can now Adblock for YouTube Logowatch the best Ted talks, ad free!


Contact Management/Email Tools:

  1. Send from Gmail -If your primary email is Gmail or Google apps based, this app is quite Send from Gmail for event professionalshandy. Stop opening annoying ‘default email client’ programs when you want to mail a link quickly – this extension opens up a Gmail box for you to send straight from your web browser and your default Gmail account.)

  1. MailTrack for Gmail  - I admit, when I began to use Streak years ago, the only feature it had MailTrack for Gmail for event professionalsback then was email tracking – who has read your email when, where, how many times has it been opened, how was it viewed (what device), etc. Now Streak is more focused on being a Gmail CRM, so while I have never used MailTrack, I was excited to see Google had created their version of a simple email tracking extension.)

Writing Apps for Events Professionals:

When aren’t event professionals writing? Emails, agendas, content, marketing and promotional material, press releases, instructions, SOWs, RFPs, the list go on and on. Event professionals can utilize the following apps and extensions in Google Chrome for better writing.

  1. Grammarly - “Grammarly's free writing app makes sure everything you type is easy to read, Grammarly for event profseffective, and mistake-free. Adding Grammarly to Chrome means that your spelling and grammar will be vetted on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and nearly everywhere else you write on the web.”

  1. Ginger - Similar to Grammarly – but with obviously a way cooler name, that every event Ginger for event professionalsprofessional should love. Truly speaking, however, Ginger & Grammarly are both tools that can help proof your text anywhere online – Ginger does offer a non-native English component.


  1. LastPass Password Manager  - You have a password for your email, your CRM, your CMS, LastPass for event professionalsyour bank, your social media accounts- the list goes on and on. LastPass securely keeps track of your passwords and gives you secure access from any computer or mobile device.

  1. Google Calendar  - If you use Google calendar to keep track of your day to day, week to Google calendar for event professionalsweek, and year by year, this awesome extension allows quick access to checking your calendar as well as easily adding new events from any website you visit.

  1. Wunderlist - For event professionals and extensions available that to pick just one or the Wunderlist for event professionalsbest is hard. But Wunderlist makes a great app for event professionals to start from and you can check out the ‘related’ from there!)

Editor's note: This was a hard one to write about, but I feel it is a truly beneficial extension most event professionals could truly utilize. The running joke at MeetingPlay’s HQ’s is how many tabs does someone have open in their browser…

  1. One Tab - One tab will take your 50 tabs that are open in your web browser, and convert One Tab for event professinoalsthem into a list that you can then click down to view to switch tabs. Not only does this reduce clutter, One Tab claims this reduces up to ‘95% of computer memory’)



  1. Dropbox for Gmail  - Use dropbox? Use Gmail? View dropbox files within Gmail email
    Dropbox for Gmail for event professionalswithout having to ever open dropbox/leave Gmail

  1. Download to Dropbox - By the same accord, if you’re going to download something from theDownload to Dropbox for event professionals internet, instead of having to manually then add to your dropbox, you can choose to download directly into your dropbox folder.

  1. DocuSign - Stop having to download, print, fill out, sign, scan, and re-email – sign and fill out Docusign for event professionalsPDF forms – all those registration and RFP’s, SOWs, etc. online – no printing necessary!

Online Marketing:

Every event professional, no matter their specific ‘focus’, knows that we all wear 17 hats, which isn’t hard at all since we have 10 arms and legs. These online marketing Chrome apps for event professionals can truly at least make the load a bit less burdening.

  1. Clkim Branded Url Shortener – We first discovered Clkim from AppSumo – and even ‘back Clkim for event professionalsin the old days’ when we had to hike…. ten browser tabs over… and open up to create a shortened Clkim url, it was worth it. So when Clkim LogoClkim recently added their new chrome extension – so we can stay on whatever page we’re at and make a short, shareable url – well, we swooned large_1.png. Eventually, we’ll write exclusively about our love affair with Clkim, but for now – if only to utilize the basic short url creator extension, check them out!

  1. - Similar to Clkim, is used to stop wasting valuable characters when sharing urls Bitly for event professionalsacross twitter, keep track of how many people are clicking the links you share, and more all from the power of your browser.

  2. Get Response – If any event professional is not currently utilizing an email tool (think Get Response for event professionalsconstant contact, mail chimp, etc.) – then begin with the easiest – GetResponse. GetResponse’s app for Google Chrome allows event professionals to create emails, newsletters, funnels, autoresponders, landing pages, and more. (This is a premium app, but you can test it for free with a 30-day trial!)

  1. The Landing Page Checklist – Whether you utilize Unbounce (the creator of this extension) Unbounce for event professionalsand their easy to build but wildly successful landing page creator, or you’re using other tools such as Hubspot,, etc. – this Google Chrome extension is perfect for event professionals. When building your events, next landing page compare your landing with The Landing Page Checklist to make sure all landing pages are optimized.


If you’re like most event professionals, when you’re not onsite actively executing live event engagement success – you’re sitting behind your desk for multiple hours. These apps keep you healthy, mindful, and in tune with your body, without having to remember!

  1. 30s Neck Stretch – This app for event professionals reminds you every 45 minutes with a Neck stretch for event professionalspop up reminding you to stretch. If you click ‘Let’s do it’, the app will guide event professionals through a 30 second neck stretch routine that you can do from your comfy desk!)


  1. Posture Minder – Similar to 30s Neck Stretch, Posture Minder pops up every so oft with Posture Minder for event professionalsreminds to adjust your posture. Studies show that sitting properly while at your desk can make a big difference to both your overall posture and your health, so this simple reminder is a great extension!



  1. Drink!  -Another simple reminder, which can be set up to remind you as oft or as not so oft Drink! for event professionalsas an event professional may want – this app pushes a pop up every so often, reminding you to drink that essential beverage (no not wine), h2O. 



For reference purposes, in the screen below, below points out which section of your home tab (when you open a new tab) will display apps, and which portion of your browser will display extension:Mobile Event Apps Reference

Additionally, for the purpose of this resource, we did not hide our extensions – and some event professionals may think “I don’t want that much of my search bar taken by countless extensions!”.

Have no fear, you can keep as many extensions you want, while hiding the ones that don’t need to be visible within your browser bar at all times (i.e. health reminders, Streak, etc.). To keep your extensions but to not have them displayed in your browser,

  1. Click on the icon of the extension you don’t want to display

  2. You can choose to either “remove from chrome” (delete the extension), or you can choose to hide in chrome menu

  3.  Managing Extensions

 In Conclusion:

There a multitude of beneficial, powerful and worthwhile apps and extensions available for event professionals within Google Chrome.  The goal though, for every event professional, should be not to get distracted with the multitude of Chrome extensions and apps – and instead use them only as a resource to assist you in your every day event professional days!

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